Why Is My Dog Licking The Floor

Why is my dog licking the floor

Dogs like to lay on the floor, sofas, and beds, just anything they find comfortable. In such manner, most dogs will lick anywhere they want to lie down, be it floor or couch, but when the linking becomes too much, that raises concern. When your dog begins to lick the floor obsessively, that will definitely make you ask questions, why is my dog licking the floor?

This attitude may be caused by or indicate to you that there is a problem which will require you to visit the vet.

Reasons why your dog is licking the floor

1. Health or medical problem

Once you notice the obsessive licking of the floor, you should pay attention to your puppy.

  • Usually, this could be caused by nutritional deficiency, which means the lack of a balanced diet. If your dog is not getting the right nutrients or insufficient nutrition or the body isn’t absorbing enough nutrients, this may be among the causes of the obsessive licking of the floor.
  • Another reason why your dog is licking the floor could be a Cushing disease. This is a condition caused by an overactive adrenal gland and liver disease, which puts your pet in a distressed mood making them lick the floor continuously.
  • Another reason could be a neurological disorder, this is diseases of the brain, and of the spine which is all connected by the nerves. Other diseases which are related to the nervous system, are brain tumors, epilepsy, Parkinson’s disease, and stroke. Also, cognitive dysfunction, which affects the dog reasoning which affects the dogs daily functioning, also known as brain fog.

2. Habit or behavioral problem

This might be a habit which your pet is accustomed to, maybe after a meal or when they are bored which in time becomes a habit.

  • This could be classed as stereotypy, which is a repetition of something. If your dog usually licks the crumbs on the floor after eating, then every time they finish eating, they lick the floor. This could turn to become a habit either because the enjoyed the meal or they want more.
  • Your dog may be licking the floor to get your attention. Maybe whenever they are licking the floor you try to stop them, that creates the impression that they will get your attention once they start to lick the floor.
  • Chronic under-stimulation which is as a result of neglect. If you are neglecting your dog too much, or not giving them the right attention.
  • Another reason may be due to stress and anxiety which can cause such behavior. Even humans have their own way of trying to relieve stress or anxiety either by eating chocolate or cutting themselves. Your dog method of showing this might be to lick the floor.
Why Is My Dog Licking The Floor

How to stop your dog licking the floor

Knowing why is my dog licking the floor will be the first step in stopping them licking the floor.

  1. Vet diagnosis, once you visit the vet and the cause is determined, your vet should be able to recommend the right treatment. Issues like the end-stage liver failure and cognitive dysfunction are some conditions that won’t go away, that means your dog will end up licking the floor continuously.
  2. If your vet has ruled out medical issues, and it falls into a habit problem, then you should follow this solutions.
  • Engage your pet in more outdoor exercise to increase their mental and physical stimulation.
  • Buying your pet some dog play toy, preferably new toys from Amazon which is known to work in stopping dogs from licking the floor.
  • Using a calming medication which is available on Amazon, a supplement or any other product to help draw their attention away from licking the floor.
  • Applying a taste reppellent to the area your dog is constantly licking may also help. This can be ammonia, citrus, vinegar or cayenne pepper.
  • Stop throwing food on the floor for your pet, this can also make them start licking to the floor.

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These are merely a recommendation. Dogs that are suffering from stress or emotional problem, the best way to eliminate this is trying to find out the cause and sorting it will be the best. Remember visiting your vet is the first thing you should do at all times. You can also check out Why Does My Dog Lick The Couch, if your pet is a couch licker.

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