Why Does My Dog Lick The Couch

Why does my dog lick the couch

Usually, a dog licks the plate after a meal and also licks the owner as a sign of love. But many people complained about their dog licking the couch. It is not uncommon for dogs to lick anything and everything, dogs can lick toys, furniture, and even the floor. It is not their nature to lick everything or anything, but there may be a reason for this common question “Why does my dog lick the couch?”

There is a reason for that, and those reasons why your dog lick couch can include the below reasons.

1. Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD)

Dogs with obsessive disorder lick nonstop, no matter what you do to try to stop them from licking. Their licking becomes like an obsession and this usually happens when they are unhappy or stressed.

The best way to tackle this problem is to visit your vet immediately you notice the signs of OCD. After the vet, the other option is to get a personal trainer for your dog, what a personal trainer will do is help your redirect your pet to help them stop. This need to be done immediately so it doesn’t extend to different problems.

2. Finding Comfort

Sometimes licking is a way of trying to find comfort just like humans who bite their nails. This is what you can refer to as a habit, a habit of licking the couch when lonely or trying to fall asleep. This can be a habit they created over time, like a child that scratching his/her eyes anytime they want to sleep. This is why you may need a trainer to help suggest what to do.

3. Boredness

Not getting enough attention can cause a dog to be bored or not getting enough exercise. There are so many things that can take your time away from your pet like long hours at work. Finding time to play like ball throwing and hanging out together often may help.

4. Grooming from birth

A habit can be passed down from parents, is like kids watching their parents do something and try to imitate them. Same with dogs and its call grooming, that is what mother dog does by licking her puppies. Puppies grow into adulthood with the habit of licking themselves to keep clean and other things like the couch. When the lick the couch, it is usually because they pick up a human smells or taste of the skin pieces on the couch and they lick it same as they will lick you.

The above explanation can be an answer to your question Why does my dog lick the couch. It is also recommended to speak to your Vet to make sure your dog has no medical or neurological issues. Keep an eye out for after effects of the licking.

How to Stop a Dog From Licking the Furniture

1. Use a licking-deterrent spray

  • What this does is leave a bitter taste on the couch which turns the dogs off and discourages them from licking, gnawing, and chewing where applied.
  • It is non-toxic, safe and effective chew deterrent with a bitter taste.
  • It also stops pets from biting and chewing fur, wounds, and bandages.

2. Mood-altering prescription

You should take your dog to a vet to make sure it does not have any neurological issues or medical issues which makes you dog lick everything. Your vet may prescribe a mood-altering prescription to help stop the dog licking the couch.

3. Exercising your dog

You should take your dog out for exercise as boredom and excess energy may be the cause of their licking everything. You can get some dog play toys or dog ball to help keep the dog busy.

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4. Play partner

Loneliness can cause many things in dogs also, including licking their fur and couches. If you don’t mind a crowded house, then getting a second dog may help solve the problem of loneliness.

5. Play in the garden

You may consider letting your dog out in the garden before going to work, that way they will spend the time playing of chasing around birds in the garden. You can equip your garden with pet toys to keep them busy while you are away.

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