What To Feed Kittens Without Mother ( Helpful Guide To Feeding | 2-Month-Old | 5 Week Old Kitten

In short, every 2-3 hours kittens without their mother will need feeding with the help of rich kitten formula prepared in a clean sterile kitty cat bottle feeding or anything equivalent.
Ideally, you should get your special kitten feeding bottle to feed the milk replacer every 2-3 hours regardless of the time,(day or overnight)

best food for 4-week old kittens without mother

Now, as your kittens approach the 5 weeks old mark, they will need more protein from their feeding. So, it is important that you begin to wean them by offering a selection of some of the best-canned food for KITTENS while you are cutting down on the milk supply though you are still required to be bottle-feeding them.

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There’s no doubt that the best food for kittens begin with either breastfeeding from their mum but if you are raising those kittens away from their mum, you need to know what to feed 4-week old kittens without their mother, and bottle-feeding them with kitten formula does the trick.

So, If you are wondering and asking, What to feed 4-week old kittens without mother?

Well, bottle fed kittens will be happy to be bottle fed with whole milk replacer at least every 2-3 hours between day and night while you are also keeping the kittens warm and dry.

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All this will happen between 1 – 4 weeks old which is when they may begin to explore solids.

The Top 10 best cat food for Kittens

If you own a kitten at home, then you probably know how important feeding them the right kind of food matters a lot. And if you are wondering what type of food is best for them, in this post we review and shortlist the 10 best kitten foods that will help them grow strong and healthier without any complications.

One thing you must understand before buying food for your kitty Cat is that they require an excellent balance of proteins and fats to help build and develop their tissues and organs as well as hasten the development of their brain, spinal cord, and nerves.

Protein heavy diets are best for your kittens because they are omnivores their bodies require proteins, they also require high-calorie food from animal protein-rich, not carbohydrates sources.
Below we have listed the 10 best kitten foods for your cat that will help your kitten grow healthy.

1. Complete health kitten formula grain-free canned cat food

This kitten food is a combination of chicken meat and liver which are both mixed into one delicious appetizing meal your kitten will love and enjoy.

This kitten food has been highly recommended by many cats owners and is said to be the best cat food for Kittens and provides the right amounts of fats and proteins.

This cat food is 100% healthy for your kitten and its low magnesium preparation will help ensure that your kittens immune and urinary System function well and will as well provide better eye-sight.

The food comes in grain-free formulation meaning you don’t have to worry about upsetting your kitten’s tummy.

Nutrition facts about the meal

  • Has a minimum fat of 7%
  • The first main ingredients are chicken meat, chicken broth, and chicken liver
  • Has kilocalories of122 per 3-ounce can
  • Has 11% minimum protein
  • It is fortified with magnesium, choline, zinc, and iron
  • Had maximum fiber of 1 percent

2. Instinct Kitten grain free real chicken recipe wet canned cat food

This kitten food Contains a mixture of top rated animal proteins such as salmon, eggs, chicken and beef liver.

This Kitty food was formulated with the belief that the kitties need a diet that is a bit similar to their original ancestral diet which is of the wild, the food is also a combination of poultry, meat, and fish in order to give your kitty the best source of essential amino acid and proteins that are important for Kitty’s growth. The food is also appetizing in order to appetize your kitty.

Nutrition facts about the meal

  • Has kilocalories of 190 per 5.5 ounces cannot
  • The minimum protein is 12%
  • Maximum fiber is 1%
  • Formulated with DHA, copper, calcium, vitamin A, D and E
  • Has 5:1 omega-6 to omega-3 ratio
  • The main ingredients are chicken meat, chicken broth, beef liver, salmon and eggs

3. Core Natural Grain free turkey and chicken liver pate canned kitten food

This food is formulated with the best blend of tasty protein-rich ingredients that your kitten will definitely love and enjoy, it is a combination of rich turkey and chicken liver and will provide your kitten with a protein-focused diet.

Other essential micronutrients have also been added in the formulation of this kitten food sourced from a variety of food items including healthy botanicals such as yucca and rosemary, all ingredients found in this cat food help your little friend to grow healthy.

Nutrition facts about the meal

  • The main ingredients of this meal are Turkey meat, turkey broth, chicken liver, and chicken meal
  • Is fortified with calcium, choline, iron, and magnesium
  • Is formulated with DHA and taurine
  • Has kilocalories of 108 per 3 ounces can
  • The minimum protein is 12%
  • The minimum fat is 7.5%
  • The maximum fiber is 1%
  • The maximum moisture is 78%

4. Healthy gourmet kitten wet cat food

This kitten canned food is a combination of brown rice, carrots, sweet potatoes, and chicken meat, liver, and broth plus fish and eggs to make it more appetizing.

The preparation is palatable and Contains wholesome natural ingredients, with chicken pieces that are tender succulent. The manufacturers of this cat food believe that providing your cat with the nutrition that resembles that of the wild is very essential.

Nutrition facts about the food

  • The main ingredients of the food are chicken meat, chicken broth, chicken liver, fish oil, and dried eggs and are enriched with other vitamins and minerals
  • It is formulated with DHA, taurine, manganese, copper, and calcium
  • Has kilocalories of 122 per 3 ounces can
  • The minimum protein is 11%
  • The minimum fat is 7%
  • The maximum fiber is 1%
  • The maximum moisture is 78%

5. Fancy feast kitten gourmet cat food

This kitten food is manufactured by Purina and is made of the highest quality proteins, it is a combination of ocean whitefish, tuna, fish broth, fish liver and meat by-products rich in proteins.

The meal is super palatable, is excellent for kittens and is formulated to meet the exact nutritional demands your cat needs to grow healthy.

Your cat will definitely love this meal because it is tasty and appetizing. This food is best for both indoor and outdoor kittens

Nutrition facts about the food

  • The main ingredients of the food are ocean whitefish, meat by-products, liver, chicken and fish broth
  • The food is formulated with taurine, calcium, vitamins A, D, E and K
  • Had kilocalories of 85% per can
  • The minimum protein is 12%
  • The minimum fat is 4%
  • The maximum fiber is 1%
  • The maximum moisture is 78%

6. Pro plan focus kitten canned cat food

This highly favored kitten food is filled with great tasting chicken, fish, and liver which provides your kitten with the best variety of exceptional protein sources and ensures that your cat gets essential amounts of nutrients and amino acids.

This cat food is designed to provide your cat with all the healthy protein requirements so that they grow healthy and strong. Plus the food is rich in phosphorus and calcium which means your kitten will grow fast like a pouncing tiger.

Nutrition facts about the food

  • The main ingredients of the food are chicken meat, fish, liver, and meat by-products
  • The food contains zinc, taurine, calcium, vitamin E and manganese
  • The kilocalories are 4.8 ME per can
  • The minimum protein is 12%
  • The minimum fat is 6%
  • The maximum fiber is 1%
  • The maximum moisture 77%

7. Indoor kitten dry cat food by Hill’s science diet

This is one of the most popular brands for kittens food and is trusted by many cats owners. The food is formulated to provide your kitten with the best-balanced nutrition, necessary for their indoor lifestyle.

The food contains no artificial Ingredients and this makes it 100% safe for all kittens.

Nutrition facts about the food

  • The main ingredient is chicken
  • Is formulated with DHA, calcium, choline, beta carotene and has vitamins C, E, A and D
  • The kilocalories is 457 per cup
  • The minimum protein is 31%
  • The minimum fat is 19%
  • The maximum fiber is 3%
  • The maximum moisture is 10%

8. Core Natural Grain free kitten formula dry cat food

This kitten food is rich in protein which is essential because kittens need more amounts of proteins than adult cats do in order for them to grow healthy.

The food is calorie dense meaning it gives your kitty the energy they need to run around and play. The calories are mainly derived from proteins and fats and just a few ones from carbs.

Nutrition facts about the food

  • Contains 90 million CFU
  • Is DHA and beta carotene
  • Is formulated with calcium, phosphorus, taurine and vitamin E
  • The minimum proteins are 45%
  • The minimum fats are 18%
  • Maximum fiber 8%
  • Maximum moisture is 11%

9. Purina one healthy kitten formula premium dry cat food

This cat food is energy-dense and features a great blend of proteins and fats as well as micronutrients that are crucial to the growth and development of your little pussycat. The meal comes in a crunchy texture for dental chew and cleaning Kitty’s teeth.

The food contains chicken by-products and each cup if the meal is equivalent to 46 Grams of lean protein.

10. Blue wilderness kitten grain free chicken dry cat food

The main ingredients of this cat food are deboned chicken, it is also rich in protein that is sourced from a variety of premium quality sources like chicken, turkey, and fish.

The food also contains healthy grains and beneficial botanicals like turmeric and rosemary. The meal also has nutrition fruits such as blueberries, apples, blackberries, cranberries, and pomegranates.

Nutrition facts about the food

  • Main ingredients are deboned chicken and chicken meal
  • Has 1:3.5 omega 3 to omega 6 fatty acid ratio

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