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Are you thinking about introducing your canine friend to Vegan pet food? Or have you been hearing about all the benefits of feeding your dog with vegetarian dog food and want to feed your dog with vegan food?Well, there are two options:

  • #1: Homemade Vegan Dog Food Recipes
  • #2: Commercial Vegan Dog Food.

Vegan Dog Food

Vegan dog food is the type of canine feed, made from pet food recipes that are free from meat or dairy milk and eggs. For varying reasons, man has chosen to abstain from eating meat or anything that contains dairy milk and eggs. Veganism for humans is considered to be a rational choice whether its due to religious beliefs, health reasons, political and environmental ideas are all good reasons to become a vegan. However, when it comes to canines, who are predominantly known to be omnivorous, it can be strange to think of all the reasons a dog would become a vegan.

What Is Vegan Dog Food?

Homemade or commercially made vegan dog food that is free from meat products and dairy or eggs.

How Suitable Is Vegan Dog Food?

Despite a pre-conceived notion that dogs must eat meat, actually, the healthiest, leaner and athletic dogs that are free from dog joint pain are those on vegan dog feed.

Vegetarian Dog Food vs Vegan Dog Food?

There is a massive difference between vegan dog food and vegetarian dog foods.Vegetarian dog food can contain milk products, whereas vegan dog foods will include only vegetables and grain-derived proteins. … Though vegan dog food seems to be a recent phenomenon, there is growing evidence that dogs who are fed a vegetarian diet often live longer, leaner, healthier and more active lives than their meat-eating counterparts.Here’s how you should make vegan dog food as most of you have been asking if there is a way you could get a quick step by step recipe for a portion of vegan dog food.

So here is how to make vegan dog food.

The are plenty of reasons why you should feed your dogs a vegan diet right now. For a start, your dog’s health depends on it, and the quality long life they get is a bonus. Dogs on vegan food often develop leaner athletic body and enjoy skin free from scabs that affect dogs who are allergic to dog foods with preservatives or gluten.Vegetarian dog food is totally 100% healthy to feed dogs a vegan diet is good for them.If you are starting your puppy dog on a vegan diet, make sure that you have done a lot of research on what to put in it to make it nutritionally complete and this particular vegan dog food recipe is completely nutritiously balanced when you add all the recommended ingredients provided here on these links down below.The vegetarian dog food recipe comes with the things that you should feed them and the things that you should truly avoid feeding them that are toxic to them.The other thing to remember is that you can make them more food for the week and freeze portions so this recipe that Is used can make about seven or eight meals.Personally, I make them their food twice a week there’s a lot of stuff that goes into it but the basis of it is very simple and I highly highly recommend checking out these ingredients which I ordered on next day delivery from Amazon.I posted every possible source of ingredients link below because you’re gonna want to know all the things that they need on a daily basis to keep them healthy.Generally, all types of dog breeds need a lot more protein, they need a lot more fat than humans so obviously do not misconstrue vegan dog food with feeding your dog a high carb diet.And they also need some other things like taurine b12 and other supplements that you have to add into their diet to keep them healthy.

The Vegan Dog Food Recipe

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Here is the basis of their diet:

  1. Green lentils
  2. Sweet potatoes
  3. Mix two cups of lentils 
  4. Two cups of brown rice.

STEP 1: So what I do is I chop up my sweet potatoes, throw my brown rice my lentils all into my instant pot and then cook it for thirty minutes.Then I just fill this with water 3/4 the way up.When potatoes, lentils are done the cooking, use this immersion blender and blend it up until it’s very very smooth.Blending your vegan dog food either in a food processor or blender is very good for the dogs just because it’s easier for them to digest the greens.And it’s better on their stomach so make sure that you blend their food to make sure their bodies can break it down.

Recommended Vegan Puppy Food And Nutrition

Make sure your dog food looks appetizing when it’s done the cooking, add a little bit more water so about another quart of water just so that you can blend this up really easily.Once you’ve got this blend up nice and smooth the next thing that you should do is add in a bunch of fresh veggies and sometimes berries carrots. It really depends what you have in the fridge and what they can eat that’s not toxic to them but definitely check out the link about the foods that you should not be feeding your dog.Everything else you can typically feed them I usually just do a quick Google search if I’m unsure about something in it the first thing that usually pops up is whether you can feed it safely to your dogs or not 

How To Make Vegan Dog Food At Home

To make your vegan dog food more interesting for your pets, try to make changes every single week. Variety in what I have in their food is necessary because you want them to get a variety of nutrition.So for each batch have something that changes like having a cup of berries and these can either be fresh or just mixed frozen berries that you have in the freezer.Add a cup of carrots and then two cups of chopped romaine every single time you make their food.I add in half of cup of ground flax seeds and half a cup of nutritional yeastAnd then I add two tablespoons of hemp oil for dogs, Two tablespoons of this green mush.Add in a tablespoon of taurine so If you are following this recipe, for better results make sure you will get your supplies from the links here on Amazon.

Make sure to get this green mush which is actually like a nutritionally complete vegan dog supplement.It’s really great for your dog though some of you might find it to be a little bit on the pricier side it’s worth every penny.Knowing that pets will not make health-conscious decisions for their doggy diet, I try to get most of their nutrition from their actual food and use dog supplements to add to their food every single week.Because I want my puppies to be healthy and enjoy long life free from usual dog joint pains and ugly dog hair shedding. Basically, this vegan home cooked dog food just looks like a portion of canned dog food and they absolutely love this dog food.

I used to be skeptical about the value of home-cooked vegetarian dog food, so for a long time I was just feeding them a brand called natural balanced vegetarian dog formula and I don’t know what it was that made me want to start cooking all their food for them.However looking back, home-cooked vegan dog food saves me money, trips to the local vets with dog joints pain and a house free from a smelly windy dog on my sofa!As a beginner, do not expect your dogs to fall in love with your vegan home cooked meals. In fact, it was a trial and error when I started cooking it for our dogs.

​So, in the beginning, we actually just feed them lots of potatoes and rice, knowing what I now know about these best dog supplements, what we were giving them wasn’t adding a lot of protein and fat into their diet.Coupled with the absolute lack of consistency with how I would make it every week and things like that, sometimes the dogs would like it while other times they wouldn’t eat that much.They didn’t hate the vegan dog food, but the preparation was not good enough, over time, they absolutely love this food. You should see them during our dog feed times, they just dive in every single time and gobble it up like in as little as two minutes.And they’re always sitting next to our kitchen door when am warming their frozen pet food pouches, waiting for their foods.So I definitely would recommend trying this recipe, however it goes without mentioning that you get to do your own research and make sure that you are getting all the proper nutrition for your dog.For reference purposes, I have included all Amazon links for you to check out what I use directly from the links that I posted in this vegan dog recipe and I hope this was helpful for you.


Halo Vegan Dry Dog Food, Vegan Recipe
Halo Vegan Natural Wet Dog Food, Recipe

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