Loyal Dog Keeps A Night Virgil In A Nearby Corn Field Next To A Missing 3 Year Old

Butler County of Missouri’s 100 strong man of Volunteers went out searching for 12 straight hours for a 3-year missing child, who was later found peacefully sleeping with her beloved dog next to her enguard.

The girl is reported to have gone missing near her hometown of Quilin at night this last Thursday.

Reports say that the girl was found almost 12 hours later, sleeping in the rows of a cornfield, her family was relieved to see that she wasn’t alone: The girl’s pet Yorkshire Terrier, Fat Heath, was by her side.

You can imagine how thrilled the mum must be to have found her daughter safe after missing for over 12 hours from 8 pm the previous day. Thanks to the family dog, Remy Elliot was returned home to her family safe and sound in the hands of the family’s loyal dog who kept a night vigil

Nearly two police helicopters were deployed by local police to help search for the missing child.

“I looked for her by myself thinking maybe she was just in the woods or somewhere where I just couldn’t see her,” Merritt said. “And I was calling for her and calling for her, and when she wasn’t calling back I realized I don’t think I’m going to find her on my own.”

That is when Merritt started calling friends, family, and local law enforcement to form a search party, which grew beyond the family’s expectations.

“It went from five people to about 75 to 100 people out here by the time we were done,” Merritt said.

A search and rescue team volunteers from nearby communities, even a few helicopters spread out over a cornfield surrounding the house to actively search the area.

John Copp, a family friend, was one of the first people to start helping Thursday night.

Merritt’s brother, Quinlin, drove all the way from western Kentucky to help, and was the one who found Remy and her dog about half a mile away from the house lying down on some broken corn stalks.

“They said that she was asleep when he picked her up,” Ms. Merritt said. “She was definitely exhausted, hot, really sweaty and it took a while to drink anything. She said she wasn’t scared because Fat Heath was there. If he wasn’t I think she would’ve been terrified.”

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