Is Zymox otic prescription – Dog Ear Infection & Dog Ear Mites Guide 2019

We researched over a dozen brands of dog and cat ear infection treatments you can buy over the counter and treat your dog at home of dog ear infection without visiting your local vet. 

After comparing all dog ear infection treatments, ZYMOX Ear Solution | The Only No Pre-Clean Once -a-Day Dog and Cat Ear Infection Treatment stands out as the best dog and cat ear infection treatment you can give to your dog, without the need to visit your Vet, as this pet ear infection treatment is available here on Amazon on next day’ delivery service if you order one now! 

About Zymox Otic Dog Ear Infection Treatment

Zymox Otic Dog ear infection is superb over the counter pet ear infection treatment that combines enzymatic to treat your dog from a common pet ear infection. And for the best results possible, we chose to curate over tens of thousand real pet owner reviews for you to read and hear how Zymox Otic Dog Ear infection treatment helped them cut down vet visit bills by nearly 70%.

Dog Ear Infection Treatment Standard

If your dog or cat is struck with a recurring dog ear infection, your local Vet will recommend or prescribe an ear infection treatment that has to be applied daily, until she is completely healed. 

The majority of the dog ear infection treatments your dog gets from your local vet can also be bought over the counter at a much affordable price than what you pay in weekly vet visits for an ear infection eardrops treatment. 

Treating your dog ear infections at home, only means that instead of using a higher concentration of the same ear drops from your vet, you will be buying a moderated dog ear infection over the counter, so you can treat your dog at home, without visiting your vet clinic for ear drops.

The way your home dog ear treatment works is pretty much the same as what a vet would do, as you are using Zymox Otic. 

And, where a solution of one part hydrogen peroxide and one part water can be used to wipe out the canals of the ear with a cotton ball for a dog with a mild infection post-veterinarian approval, you can do that at home. …

 Though Zymox Otic ear drops do not require that you pre-wash your dog’s ears before application, Hydrogen peroxide can kill forms of bacteria that can cause ear infections, which will leave your dog earache free.

Having mentioned the vet pre-approval, some of you may be wondering if the use of Zymox when treating your dog at home requires a vet to prescribe it for you.

So, Is Zymox otic prescription? No! Zymox Otic does not require a prescription. It is an Enzymatic Ear Solution many pet owners use to treat their dogs and cats from bacterial, fungal and yeast infections of the ears. 

But, don’t just take my word for it! Read all the real user reviews over here on Amazon and you will discover why pet owners found Zymox Otic to be an effective ear treatment solution that can be bought over the counter or online (Amazon next day delivery) which does not require a prescription

Zymox may be used for either dogs or cats and treats both acute and chronic ear infections.

Does Zymox Otic Kill Ear Mites?

Yes! Zymox Otic can kill ear mites when applied consistently over time. This ear drop ointment contains three effective active enzymes that have been said have the antibacterial, antifungal and antiviral properties that are capable of eliminating adult parasites that make a meal out of your dog’s ear wax while making their home under the dog’s skin inside the ear canal.

 So, if your dog has any symptomatic signs that she has ear mites inside her ear canal, you need Zymox Otic which acts as a cleaning agent, while also doubling as a treatment for further recurring dog ear infection. 

And all this is possible with its three-point enzyme system that destroys antibiotic resistant microorganisms, including Staphylococcus. 

Now that you know, Zymox Otic Hydrocortisone Free acts as both a cleaner and a treatment, coming up with an effective dog ear cleaning routine would be helpful to make sure that ear mites do not escalate into uncontrollable recurring infection for your pet. 

This is why, many pet owners who suspect ear mites or a recurring pet ear infection, they have a once a day application routine of Zymox ear infection treatment.

Because Zymox Otic plus contains hydrocortisone, not all dogs and cats tolerate it. So, if your dog or cat is sensitive to any exposure to hydrocortisone, make sure to use Zymox that is free from hydrocortisone.

Is hydrocortisone safe for dogs ears?

Yes! Hydrocortisone is safe for use to clean dogs ears from live or dead ear mites. And the good news for anyone with a dog that is susceptible to a recurring ear infection can safely use hydrocortisone long-term, for persistent cases of otitis externa.

 But for whatever reason, you do not want to use hydrocortisone, then make sure to get this version of Zymox Otic plus which is formulated specifically for those who want to use it without hydrocortisone due to sensitivity to hydrocortisone or for those whose pets are in season(pregnant or lactating). 

Is Zymox the same as Mometamax?

Is Zymox the same as Mometamax?

No! Zymox and Mometamax are not the same, but both of these ear drop ointments are effective non-prescription, enzyme-based dog and cats treatment for mild to chronic pet ear infections.

Both Zymox and Mometamax is a form of ear drop treatment for cats and dogs, highly favored by a growing list of veterinarians across the globe. … 

Any pet owner, who chooses to use either Mometamax of Zymox products, they are choosing to use antifungal, anti-yeast and partially antibacterial that has earned a reputation for their effectiveness in getting rid of pesky dog ear infections.

About Mometamax.

Mometamax is an otic suspension that has been approved by the USA Food and Drug Administration (also known as FDA) and this pet drug is an effective dog and cats ear infection treatment that contains popular medicinal compounds called gentamicin sulfate, mometasone furoate monohydrate and clotrimazole. 

Both these compounds are potent treatments of otitis externa in dogs and cats, that have been caused by susceptible strains of yeast commonly known as Malassezia pachydermatis and a common bacterial strain known as Pseudomonas spp

I like to think of Mometamax Otic as Cephalexin for dogs except that with Cephalexin for dogs, you would be dealing with bacterium infestation treatment inside your dog’s gastrointestinal organs.

Facts About Ear Mites

If your dog or cat is struggling with ear mites, there is no reason or cause for worry as Ear mites are one of the most common parasite infestations that are known to be rampant in both dogs and cats. 

 Sadly, the only place Ear mites seem to love making a home is to live on the skin or those wet warm and waxy ear canals of your dog or cat. 

They choose to live inside the ears as they thrive at feeding off your beloved pet’s ear wax and skin oils. … 

Now, the trouble with any form of ear mite infestation is that it causes severe itching of your dog’s ears. And this is why once that itch is triggered inside your dog’s ear canal, it often results in insensately shaking and scratching their head as ear mites gnaw your dog’s ear canal…

As a new pet owner, you should know ear mites are probably one of the first things you are going to have to visit your local vets as it is prevalent even in puppy dogs as well as in kittens. 

The only way to avoid expensive vet visits with dog ear mites and ear infection in pets is to stay on top of your pet ear cleaning routine for your dog’s ears.

They say an apple a day keeps doctors away! But in this case, a thorough dog ear cleaning once or twice a week to remove as many ear mites as possible keeps your bank card away from the vets.

How Cleaning Dog Ears Work?

 There are only two ways to clean your dog’s ears, you can manually mix a measure of hydrocortisone suspension to a measure of warm water in a bowl and use cotton bud sticks to clean your dog ear canals. 

Then follow that up with the application of an antiparasitic medication to your pup’s ears

Because the majority of dog ears’ infection is mistaken for ear mites, it is best to seek for help from the vet who might put your dog under microscopic testing to diagnose if the prescription of antibiotics is warranted. 

The common aggressive form of parasitic infections in dogs is as a result of missed early detection of ear mites infestation which can happen to both dogs and in cats.

And, as you can clearly see that it is easy to assume that the majority of ear infections in dogs are due to ear mites. Frankly speaking, neglecting sure signs of the early development of ear infections for ear mites is often one of the most common mistakes.

Given the fact that Ear mites can rarely be seen by the naked eye, you are therefore best advised to seek for a vet diagnosis so you are aware of whether you are dealing with ear mites or an ordinary ear infection. 

And that diagnosis you needs for confirmation is only possible by a vet who will need to scrape the inner ear canal of your dog’s wax and skin, so it can be investigated further under the microscope.

With everything said about ear mites, if your dog has been infested, you should know there are a varied range of potential options of treatments at your disposal. 

However the best cure for dog ear mites is to make sure that your dog is kept free from fleas, and that is only possible with robust flea prevention mechanism in place, which can then extend into protecting your pet from ear mites

What kills ear mites?

To kill ear mites, here’s what you can apply to make sure that you have gotten all the ear mites out of your dog’s life:

Apply an approved ear mites treatment for dogs like selamectin, moxidectin, Zymox, Mometamax, and imidacloprid, often used against a range of parasites. Bacterial or fungal infections should also be treated

If you are treating your dog from an infestation of ear mites, a though deep cleansing of the inner ears of your dog is your first step before you can apply any form of treatment to your dog’s ears.

What deep cleaning of the ear canal allows you is to flush out any ear mites, dead or alive. 

And as per your vet’s advice after the diagnosis, a topical ointment that can kill larvae and new adult ear mites anywhere near the infection is applied. 

Because ear mites are aggressive at laying new eggs and reproducing a host of new mites from a few remnant ear mites eggs, you are therefore encouraged to make sure that the ointment you choose to get rid of mites must be applied for 30-45 days.

 This is necessary just to make sure that you have completely eradicated the entire clan of ear mites presently infested on the host.

How do I know if my dog has ear mites or an ear infection

Dog ear infections are characterized by severe itching of the inner ear canals and if you are wondering how you will know if your dog has ear mites of an ear infection, there are only two ways to do it, and here is how: 

  1. Pawing or scratching at their ear or shaking their head insensibly while tilting their head in the direction of the infected ear
  2. Symptomatic wax buildup and yellow-ish looking skin layer on the areas where ear mites are living and gnawing under the skin.
  3. Unpleasant odor, redness or superficial swelling of the inner ear canal.
  4. Noticeable loss of balance or hearing in chronic cases of mites infestation.

What causes ear mites in dogs?

Dogs who have been to the kennels or pet hotel when families are going away on holidays are more susceptible to contracting ear mites.

So, if you are wondering and asking, what causes ear mites in dogs?  

A quick answer is Ear mites are easily contracted by pets from getting into contact with another infected host dog or from outdoors environments, where poor hygiene around infected beddings or dog crates is rampant. 

Dog impounds, dog kennels or a newly adopted pet dog from your local animal shelter is a perfect example of where ear mites infestation may originate from then escalate into your household. 

What do ear mites look like?

Many people often ask, What do ear mites look like?

They are microscopic! If you have never seen Ear mites in dogs or cats, its because they can’t be seen with our naked eye! 

But, they are these nasty-looking creatures that live under the skin of their host, feeding on the top layer of the skin.

What do ear mites look like in dogs

What do ear mites look like in dogs
Here’s How ear mites look like in dogs

They are not visible to naked eyes unless you put them under the microscope. 

And to tell if mites have set shop inside your dog’s ear canal, do not expect to see them jumping up and down…the one thing you can hope to find in countless supply is the foul smell that comes out of your dog’s ears.

Even worse off! ear mite infestation leaves a dark-colored, crumbly, matter believed to be made up of dried blood in your dog’s ear canal.

Can humans get ear mites from dogs

Yes! Humans can get ear mites from dogs that are infested with mites. However, it is extremely rare for dogs to pass ear mites to their owners. The risk of infestation of ear mites is even greater on animal pets like ferrets and cats with the dog being the least likely to get an infestation.

Dog breeds with long and floppy ears like cocker spaniels are the most susceptible to harbor ear mites however even cats too, are at risk of getting infected with these eight-legged mites who enjoy living under the surface of their host’s skin.

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