Is Wet Dog Food Bad For Puppies

Is Wet Dog Food Bad For Puppies

Puppy food is the most discussed subject matter for most pet owners, and the main reason is the fact that both the puppy and pet owners are getting to know what works better for all. Puppies in many cases will be well suited to wet dog food, and the idea that  Wet Dog Food is Bad For Puppies it is just a myth no substantiated with facts. If you are exploring and wondering if Wet Dog Food is Bad For Puppies, you have obviously come to the right place as I will help you understand why your puppy will love wet food and why it is also the best option for your puppy’s nutritional needs.

Is Wet Dog Food Bad For Puppies?-Nutritional Value vs Myths

Wet food for dogs which in many cases is best sold as canned puppy food, is often overlooked to kibble. However, anyone who knows too well about dog food formulation will tell you that dry food is made from mixing carbs and meat which often means that the main source for protein is less in quantity for any type of dry dog food compared to canned food which is far more superior food and idea for your puppy.

On the other hand, canned food means that wet food for puppies come with no added preservatives which is a common additive to dry food for puppies. Canned food use the air-tight packaging method which means they do not require adding any unwanted preservatives which can distort the taste of the food, which leads to your puppy not eating enough to keep her well above her daily calories needs.

Puppies teeth are not well developed and giving them kibble food means more need for chewing which can be challenging. As a result, puppies will swallow food that has not been properly chewed and that also leads to puppy vomiting after eating her dry dog food. This is due to the fact that unbroken dry food particles will create airbags inside the puppy’s digestive system which can cause the dog to throw up immediately after eating or drinking water.

Remember most puppies have to share food bowls which can also be the battleground for survival when pups are eating.

Most school of thoughts about what food is best for your puppy will always crash, the best you can do for your puppy is to compare which food is best for your puppy based on what his needs are. If you are after nutritional value for your puppy, then look no further than wet canned food for puppies. If you are consumed by saving more money over the well being of your beloved pet the same comparison will also help you figure that out.

Where I see dry food delivering more benefits is when you are a working pet owner, who leaves home every morning only to return back in the evening.

What that means is that you serve your dog food just before you set off for work, and your dog has all day to eat however he pleases.

With canned food that is not possible as Canned food is never ever to be left around in the dog’s bowl for over two hours as this may lead to severe food poisoning for your dog. While dry dog food for puppies will be safe for eating even six hours from when you first save your dog.

It goes without saying that dog food can be expensive, and savings are always a welcomed idea. No dog feeding type will save you money than dry dog food for your puppies, I guess that is where you gain an advantage over canned dog food.

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