How To Stop A Puppy From Barking When Left Alone

Is your dog barking and howling when you leave home for work or nights out?

Listen, anxiety in dogs when left alone is not a unique problem to dogs. Pretty much all types of dog breeds suffer from anxiety disorders that also manifest in numerous ways, and barking or howling is just one of many anxiety manifestations.

In this post, I share with you tips for dealing with an anxious dog who barks and howls when left alone.

How To Stop A Puppy From Barking When Left Alone

If your puppy howls and barks when you leave home for work, chances are that she is just nervous and petrified with the thought of being home alone while you are gone for the day.
Luckily, there’s so much you could do to help your puppy get the confidence and muster the courage to let you go to work, without causing an unnecessary fuss.

1: Set A Predictable Daily Routine For Your Pet

Pet routines are the cornerstone for setting order inside your home when you have a puppy dog living with you. Unfortunately, most pet owners miss out on the early stage development of their puppy to establish a predictable routine.

Good news is that even fully grown dogs can be trained to stick to the rules and order of authority in your household, and it all begins with a good old predictable daily pet routine.

Here’s what to do when preventing separation anxiety in puppies.

When preventing Separation Anxiety, train your puppy using the crate and go routine in an area where she is allowed to have access to all her toys, automatic timed dog feeding machine and a while am away dog chew toy with your scent incorporated into it.

The best practice is to always crate her 10-15 minutes before leaving home.

2: Use The Puppy Cam Daily Call Routine.

With technology growing through leaps and bounds, there’s no shortage of WIFI enabled pet cameras you can use to keep an eye on your puppy’s wellbeing while also scheduling lunch hour chats with your pup so she can hear your voice and quell her anxieties.

Practice Preventative Training.

Pet owners juggling busy work schedules often deprive their pets of crucial morning walks where most pet breeds tend to use as their pottying routine as they are always in the hurry to go out to work. But giving your puppy an opportunity to go potty prior to crating him sometimes can go a long way to keep her from barking or howling.

Crate Train Your Puppy.

Crating your dog while you are at home for a few minutes is essential training enough to model behavior that can quell anxieties in dogs. My favorite times for Crating our puppies is when we are having our lunch and dinner.
The other trick you can use is to buy a pack of special dog treats you can sneak one in your bag, so you can give it to your puppy when she meets you by the door. That way your puppy will always associate your going away with bringing home goodies!

To stop your dog from compulsive barking, you will have to teach your dog how to stay calm even when she is fearful or if she is gripped with anxiety and boredom. And the best way to do that would be to either use an electronic bark collar which releases a measured current into the dog, every time she flexes her barking vocals.

Electric dog collars commonly known as bark collars also come in different size and design that allow pet owners to customize their bark collars needs depending on the dog breed and size. There are bark collars for small dogs and electric bark collars for large dog breeds.

At an extreme scenario, your dog may use an anti-barking dog muzzle or if she has a habit of barking in the middle of the night, you may need a bark collar for dogs with a remote control so you can just put it next to your bedside table for ease of rich when you need it.

Do anti-bark collars really work?

Yes! Anti-bark collars really work well to stop your dog from barking when you fit one on your dog’s neck. There are huge benefits for choosing to use a dog bark collar especially when you are training a compulsive barking dog as the bark collars are programmed to deliver a behavioral correction at the very moment a dog barks.

With a wide-ranging of ways and method of correction that pet owners can use to re-align the barking behavior, there is no excuse for letting your dog run a monk when you need quiet time in the middle of the night.

Your bark collar can either use a mild electric shock, or the collar can also be used with an anti-barking spray dose of citronella liquid which is sprayed to the face of the dog every time she barks.

Though dog barking anti-spray is ideal for many pet owners who do not want to zap their pet dog with an electric dog collar, the biggest challenge for many pet owner s with multiple dogs is that the dog barking spray will respond to all barking, so this can cause confusion in multi-dog households.

Ultrasonic Dog Bark: Use Sonic Bark Deterrents for Dogs

Sonic bark deterrent for dogs has been in use for deterring pet dogs who have tendencies of climbing the window and bark at anything that walks past it. Even neighbors who have developed a dislike for unruly dogs can fit in an ultrasonic dog bark deterrents in their yard to stog annoying neighboring dogs who bark in the middle of the night.

Do ultrasonic dog bark deterrents work?

Yes! The Ultrasonic Bark Control Collar works by using an ultrasonic tone to deter barking in dogs with compulsive barking tendencies.

And if you are wondering how ultrasonic bark control collars work, you are not alone. Many people still grapple with the concept of how sonic sound work to completely deter dogs from barking.

So, How Does Ultrasonic Bark Control Collars Work To Stop Dog Barking?

Here’s how Sonic bark control collars work to deter pet dogs from barking:

Every time the dog fitted with a sonic bark deterrent collar barks, the collar’s microphone detects the sound of your dog’s bark, it immediately emits an ultrasonic tone which is uniquely designed to be head by the dogs only.

It is at this moment that the ultrasonic tone emitted, corrects the barking behavior of the dog. Luckily, the sonic sound from the ultrasonic anti-barking dog device can only be heard by dogs, so if you were worried about humans hearing the high pitched sound that stops the dog from barking, it is unheard by most humans.

What is the best ultrasonic dog bark control?

Here’s the Best Ultrasonic Bark Control Device on the Market.

  1. ELenest Ultrasonic Anti-Bark Device.
  2. Zellers Ultrasonic Dog Deterrent.
  3. Super Droplet Silencer.
  4. Petacc Handheld Dog Repellent.
  5. APlus+ Ultrasonic Bark Deterrent.
  6. First Alert Bark Genie Handheld Bark Control.
  7. CY Outdoor Ultrasonic Bark Deterrent.
  8. PetSafe Ultrasonic Remote.

Does Ultrasonic Bark Control hurt dogs?

No! ultrasonic bark control does not hurt dogs, and here’s why… The Ultrasonic collars or devices are only designed to emit an unpleasant sound in a range only dogs can hear, without hurting the dog in any way. …

The theory behind the high pitched sonic sound is that the dog will hear this raised pitched noise and associate it with her barking behavior and in return, the dog stops barking to avoid hearing the irritating high pitched sound.

Outdoor Anti Barking Device

Outdoor anti-barking devices are a godsend if your dog is in the habit of organized backyard barking party. Chances are that your dog is a saint at home, who is always well-behaved when at home, but when you venture outdoors in your backyard or in the nearby park for a walk, she turns into an uncontrollable barking monster…

You need the best outdoor anti-barking device that can bring order back into your daily dog walks. However, finding the best outdoor anti-barking device is key

Indoor & Outdoor Anti Barking Device, Waterproof

Here are some of the best outdoor anti-barking devices that are waterproof:

  1. KOBWA Ultrasonic Dog Bark Controller, Indoor & Outdoor Anti Barking Device
  2. Indoor Outdoor Anti Barking Device Mini Ultrasonic Dog Bark Control Sonic Bark Deterrents, Dog Silencer 
  3. Pawaca Ultrasonic Dog Bark Control – 50 Feet Effective
  4. Indoor & Outdoor Anti Barking Device, Waterproof Ultrasonic Dog Bark Control, 4 Adjustable Levels Bark Stop Repeller Silence
  5. APoony Dog Anti Barking Device, Ultrasonic Anti Barking, Sonic Bark Deterrents
  6. Mallalah Ultrasonic Outdoor Bark Controller Sonic Bark Control Dog Anti Barking Device Stop Barking Dogs

Train Your Dog With Quite Command

The “quiet” command works really well for nervous dogs who bark when they see other dogs on your daily dog walks…

And if you want to train your dog to be confident, make sure to use these treats every time when he feels the urge to bark, you give him the command to stop and when she stops barking  and turn to your hand for a quick sniff at the treat, shower her with praise and give her the treat as her reward.

Though the quite command training is not a quick fix, if you repeat enough, it won’t be long before he begins to associate resisting to barking as soon as you say “quite a command.” So, it works by unlearning to bark and learning to bark on command. Once your dog can reliably bark on command.

For better results, always train your dog in an environment where it is reasonably quiet or less busy to teach him the “quiet” command. In a calm environment with no distractions, tell him to “speak.”

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