How Do You Treat Flea Bites On Humans

How do you treat flea bites on humans?

Fleas on dogs can also inflict severe bites on human, and the question is how do you treat flea bites on humans once they have salveged your body? Flea bites can be treated with home remedies and over the counter treatments to soothe those bite areas. If you are looking for home remedies you can use a comprehensive guide on how to keep the flea bites off your yard.

Here’s What You Can Put On The Skin To Keep Fleas Off Your Body.

How do you treat flea bites on humans_

Use a lemon citrus spray.

Fleas are known for their dislike of lemon scent and they will do anything to avoid anything with this smell. This is why when you make any home spray mixture with Limonene in it, fleas will be killed and leave your home free from flea infestation.

Now if you are new to Limonene, it is a chemical found in the peels of citrus fruits and in other plants.

Limonene has a wide variety of uses in your home as a potent medicine that treats ailments like cancer, prevent it and also treat severe cases of bronchitis.

You will also find that Limonene is widely used in the promotion of weight loss, while in the food industry, they use it as a flavoring In beverages, and chewing gum.

Use A Diffuser And Essential Oils That Repel Fleas.

The market today is full of amazing essential oils that can repel fleas in an effective manner when used properly, all you have to do is know which ones are the best essential oils that repel fleas fast.

Apply an insecticide to your house.

You will be amazed at how effective are some of the insecticide sprays that can be used around your home to keep away fleas before they even show up inside your house.
Of course not every household is a fun of the use of insecticides, so if you are going to consider applying insecticide to your yard, think carefully the impact it may also have on other family members like pet dogs or cats.

Get Nematodes for your yard.

For years, man has been known for taking control of pests through colonization of insects by using other dominating insects to keep their production balanced or completely annihilate them off their turf. Beneficial Nematodes are exactly a perfect solution to getting rid of fleas off your yard.

How do you use nematodes?

If you have a bigger yard, buy Nematodes compound and mix it with water and spray or sprinkle on the soil along garden plants or lawn.
Most folks use a watering can mixing up the contents of the Beneficial nematodes while stirring gently to break up any lumps.

When ready, simply apply the sludge of nematodes compound once you are sure the entire solution has soaked enough after leaving it for a few minutes.

The application itself can be made using a water-can, irrigation system, knapsack or sprayer, it’s entirely up to you.

All allergies and reaction to flea bites are an extreme exposure to infections that should be treated with care and speed. As fleas feed on blood from different hosts, chances of spreading transmittable diseases from one host to another are high.

Therefore if you have been bitten by a flea or jiggers, rinse the bite area to contain the potential infection from spreading. As with all flea bites, itchiness will likely follow, in that case, make sure that you avoid scratching the bite area.

Home remedies to soothe or relieve itching from flea bites include ice packs, Aloe Vera, witch hazel, rubbing alcohol, vinegar, tea tree oil, and used tea bags. Prevent flea bites by keeping your pets and home free of fleas.

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