How do you know if a dog has fleas?

How do you know if a dog has fleas?

Are you wondering, how you would know if a dog has fleas? Fleas on dogs can be dificult to treat and get rid of them, but before you treat or get rid of fleas fast, you have to spot them first, and the question is how do you spot fleas on dogs?

Dogs infested with fleas are easy to spot when you know what you are looking for. In any case, a quick check into the ears of your dog can be more revealing whether your pet has fleas or not.

What To Look For As Signs The Dog Has Fleas?

Quick to spot signs of scratching, unusual redness, blood, or dirt from fleas poop. These are all possible signs that your dog is living with a bad infestation of fleas.

The skin on the dog’s belly and the groin area can be even more revealing of how your dog is suffering from the flea bites.

Blooded lesions of the skin or base of the tail may appear red and bumpy, this is due to the severe itchiness following the allergic reaction from flea bites.

Dogs have been seen bitting and chewing off their tail base or bum as well as the dog doing a lot of scratching.

Will coconut oil help my dog’s itchy skin?

Coconut oil has so many benefits that can help dogs suffering from dry and itchy skin caused by flea bites allergic reactions are enormous.

Coconut Oil’s Lauric Acid Properties Benefit To Dog Skin

Though the benefits of Coconut oil’s lauric acid properties are not widely known to many pet owners, feeding or applying coconut oil as a topical treatment to your dog’s skin can deliver huge benefits.

Coconut Oil is an effective Microorganisms killer of harmful living pesky pests on and inside the body.
Coconut oil boasts of 12-carbon lauric acid which is a staggering 50% make up of all the fatty acids found in coconut oil.

As if that was not enough, every time you consume foods rich in lauric acid, the acidic content of the food ingested is digested and the by-product of the digestion is the formation of another prolific substance called monolaurin.
The two compounds, lauric acid, and monolaurin are potent killers of harmful pathogens like bacteria, viruses, and fungi

What Foods Are High In Lauric Acid?

What Foods Are High In Lauric Acid

According to wholefoods catalog, there is a growing list of foods that deliver more on lauric acid per 100 g of all its edible portions and some of them are:

  1. Palm kernel oil. 45000 mg.
  2. Coconut oil. 43000 mg.
  3. Coconut (coconut powder) 28000 mg.
  4. Coffee whitener (powder, vegetable fat) 14000 mg.
  5. Coconut (coconut milk) 6900 mg.
  6. Cream (vegetable fat) 3000 mg.
  7. Unsalted butter. 2600 mg.
  8. Whipping cream (vegetable fat) 2600 mg.

 Coconut oil aids digestion.

The real dramatic power of coconut oil is seen when it is consumed. You see coconut oil has these anti-microbial properties which if they are activated they transform into what many have commonly known as triglycerides (fats) and these fatty compounds are converted into monoglycerides (free fatty acids in the digestive tract).

When you have all of these events happening inside the body, they lead to an improved digestive system with an effective nutrient absorption rate.

Now the beauty of coconut oil is the fact that it does not only offer the relief it offers to a severely dry and itchy skin, coconut oil also improves the overall look and feel of your dog’s coat when you consistently fed your dog food rich in lauric acid on a regular basis.

Your dog will also benefit from coconut oil as a topical pet skin oil where you apply it directly on its coat, groin areas where lesions of flea bites are visibly evident.

Doing this diligently improves the look, feel even the natural smell of your dog’s coat will dramatically improve.

If your dog is also in the habit of chewing or obsessive licking of their paws, you might want to apply a coconut sock on and secure them overnight as they can also help soothe dry paws.

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