Homemade Dog Pad Moisturizer

Homemade Dog Pad Moisturizer

Proper pet skin care is not an easy task. Especially where seasons over the year present a different challenge for caring dog’s paws, pet skin allergies and overall look of your pet. This article explores Homemade Dog Pad Moisturizer solutions any pet owner can make at home and save big on dog paw care.

Your pet’s skin will renew throughout the life cycle, so make sure to establish a routine that will keep this skin healthy and glowing. The same can be said for dog paws that suffer greatly due to the fluctuation of weather in the winter and heat waves in the summer. What Homemade Dog Pad Moisturizer guide gives you is some great tips for keeping your dog paws and skin well looked after.

Homemade Dog Pad Moisturizer

Supplies Needed To Make Homemade Dog Pad Moisturizer

Paw Wax Ingredients

  • 2 oz. (approx. 2 tbsp.) olive, sunflower, or sweet almond oil
  • 2 oz. (approx. 2 tbsp.) coconut oil (this is my current favorite coconut oil)
  • 1 oz. (approx. 1 tbsp.) shea butter
  • 4 tsp. beeswax

How To Make Homemade Dog Paw Moisturizer (Wax Instructions)

  • Place in a small pot – or bigger boiler and melt all ingredients over low heat to make sure that the oils, shea butter, and beeswax melts while Stirring continuously until all is melted and well blended.
  • Pour the mixture into lip balm tubes and/or tins.
  • Let them cool on the counter until hard.
  • Make sure to Cap and label your homemade dog paw moisturizer.

If you have a working dog, make time for the dog to unwind and reduce the stress in his working life as much as you can. Your dog’s skin can become damaged by too much stress which can cause shedding.

Avoid use of harsh dog shampoo even when your dog is suffering from acne. Most dog shampoos that claim to get rid of dog skin fungus or bacteria can cause or even worsen existing acne on your pet.

When you have made your Homemade Dog Pad Moisturizer, try to not apply too much of the dog paw moisturizer on the brittle paw pad until the brittle clears up. Do not use concealers to hide your dog’s paws unless if your pet is constantly licking off the ointment off his paw pad.

Use chemical free ingredients for your dog paw pads moisturizer as dogs are obvious serial lickers, any poisonous or chemical compounds that can be bad for your dog to ingest must be kept out of the Homemade Dog Pad Moisturizer. Check out the label of each product that you buy. If the ingredients include alcohol or a fragrance, put it back on the shelf.

Your dog can get glowing skin on top of many other health benefits from the selective use of beneficial products; either way, it will be good for your pet’s skin. Not only will this have positive effects on your pup, it’s also full of vital vitamins and antioxidants which benefit your dog’s health in other areas.

Making your own Homemade Dog Pad Moisturizer or hydrating treatment to effectively soothe chapped dog paw pads can be a humbling experience. And to achieve it is really simple:

Try keeping your dog’s stress levels down, some dogs get stressed when you leave them home alone, while others get shaking and other breeds like Staffordshire terrier produce a strong pungent when they are stressed.

When your pet is stressed, cortisol, cortisol and DHEA levels in the dog’s blood increase. These bodily chemicals can cause certain skin conditions such as eczema, eczema, and acne.

Your dog’s skin also serves as an indicator of your pet’s physical and mental health, so keeping them relaxed will really show in complexion!

Keep your dog’s skin free from radicals by feeding a diet rich in antioxidants. Make sure that your dog is drinking enough balanced nutrition in his diet on a regular basis. These will help get rid of the skin from UV damage and stress.

Jasmine plant extract is a natural pet skin rejuvenation product that is not widely known. Dermatologists will often recommend it to patients.

The best time for moisturizing is right after a dog shower or a bath when his skin is still damp. The steam opens your pet’s pores which allow the moisturizer to get absorbed better. Moisturizing your dog paws daily helps fight off dry and bristled pet skin against dehydration and the elements.

Don’t forget about your pet’s .overall skin care for keeping scabs and dog mites off him. Choose high-quality products for making your Homemade Dog Pad Moisturizer that can protect your pet from UV rays, bristle, and dryness. Your dog’s paws are sensitive and you should not go outside without protecting them. Less than half the people who own a pet use Homemade Dog Pad Moisturizer that protects against paw damage.

These ideas will help yield youthful dog paws for your dog and his skin will also shine and promote better health.

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