My Dog Is Shaking And Acting Weird

My Dog Is Shaking And Acting Weird

Shaking or shivering in dogs can mean a whole lot of issues to dog owners. In many cases all it means is that your dog is either petrified, anxiety, fearful of daily routines like being left alone when you have to go to work and worse off due to severe pain.

Suggestions to resolve this include baby aspirin which can be administered to your dog before resolving to visit your nearest vet. Your aspirin dosage will obviously vary depending on the dog size and age.

Caution should be taken when following many of these online advice and I would go on to say that you consider it to

be guess work as proper examination by a reputable vet is what you need to figure out the best course of treatment for conditions in which you dog is shaking and acting weird. Shaking or a dog is shaking and acting weird is a symptom of something seriously wrong.


It is common sense that when a dog is shaking and acting weird, when it was generally healthy, you should be concerned. Tremoring ,shaking, panting and heavy breathing in dogs are all tale tells of something seriously going wrong. When my dog is shaking and acting weird, I know that it’s time to shoot for the vets. Like humans, dogs healthy can take a different turn unexpectedly, so panting or any dog who is shaking and acting weird can be general signs of serious or something going wrong.

My goal in this article is to highlight some of the most common yet panting and shivering inducing circumstances which can lead to consequential situations if left unchecked. If you have been buffled by panting in dogs or your dog has been shaking and acting weird, you will learn more about it.

A certain form of panting and shaking is perfectly normal, however the kind you want to understand and keep an eye on when they began to become an issue are the ones you will learn about here. The best way to make sure you do not freak out is to be observant of triggers and exact dates so you can narrow down what caused them altogether. Chances could be that your dog is shaking and acting weird following a diagnosis of any form of heath condition. In this case you should take note that it is best suited for your vet to examine the dog. Vets are better placed to figure whether your pet could benefit from extra attention or if it is expected then you can rest assured he is going to be ok despite his shaking and acting weird.

Dogs can start to pant or shake due to heatwaves or it could mean your dog is developing a heart condition. Here are some of the causes of your dog shaking and acting weird

Dogs are known for hyperventilating, panting or gasping for air, however when your dog is dog is shaking, acting weird and tremoring, it can mean exertion which in many cases will go away when your dog calms down. For a start, make sure you take your dog under the shade, make clean cold water for him to cool down. This takes the panting, gasping and hyperventilation off the table.

High energy exercises can also trigger sudden heat strokes when your dog participates in strenuous exercises, make sure your dog takes breaks in between to cool down before going again to avoid suffering from heat stroke which in return is a common trigger of panting combined with shaking and acting weird

As dog owners, heatstroke is a common occurrence especially in the summer, as a matter of fact, many pet owners report that their dogs have suffered from heatstroke due to rising temperetures. Taking them forgranted however can lead to serious problems if not heealthy emergencies which can cost money and time. Make sure to check your dog for irregular symptomatic tendencies beyond normal temperature fluctuations and keep reading this article to pick some ideas on how to keep heatstroke at bay.

Dog heart problems can be life threatening for them, panting and the shaking can mean that the heart is working overtime. If not checked properly it can lead to the enlarged heart to press on to the lungs and make breathing difficult. Aeration is the common trigger and cause for shaking, this is due to your dog having difficulty in oxygen supply in the blood.

Another serious cause for panting is abnormal high temperetures and change of altitude when you travel with your pet. This can also be as a result of fever, infections of many forms, all causing hyperthermia that leads into symptomatic panting and shaking as the dog’s body works overtime to regulate the core tempereture. Dog infections include, bacterial , viral and many more which can elevate the tempereture requiring a vet’s visit.

Blood sugar levels also are a huge factor in dogs need for panting, shaking and acting weird. Hypoglycemia also known as blood sugar imbalances is prevalent in dogs. Taking care that you understand the cause for panting or shaking is essential. Sometimes you dog shaking and acting weird can mean that your dog is diabetic Delicate dog breeds like Italian hounds and Chihuahua are prone to diabetics, fluctuating sugar levels has proven to affecting all dog breeds regardless of size , however it is important to point out that some dog breeds are more exposed to low sugar problems than others.

Toxins ingested voluntarily or when dogs are exposed to flea or deworming treatments can lead to panting and shaking,this is why being observant to the origins of panting and shivering in your dog can mean the difference between life and death for your pet. Plants , xylitol and chocolate can have a serious adverse to a dog’s health. Even a slight suspicion that your dog has ingested chocolate, grapes or some forms of artificial sweeteners, you should immediately seek help from your local vet.

If your pet is experiencing severe pain, they will most obviously start panting, shaking profusely and act weird, just make sure that you are very observant to see that you do not miss an injury or early signs of sickness. The best you can do for your pet is to make sure that you get a vet to examine him and make sure his shaking and acting weird is no as a result of healthy issues.

Often dogs that have experienced trauma or frightened can act out. These signs range from panting and shaking, obviously not all signs of your dog’s shaking and acting weird is sickness, it can also be a sign of distress and a defensive mechanism or an aggression fueled by fear for life. Most dogs are frightful and fear many forms of household noise like fire alarms and car hooters, so if you are planning any fireworks event make sure that your dog is well prepared with effective ear muffs to minimize the noise.

Internal injuries are also a factor and a possibility,some dog shaking and acting weird just can’t be figured out, so if you are not sure consider the possibility of severe internal injuries causing severe pain to your dog. As a dog owner, your need for his safety is crucial, so if your efforts do not work to show what is wrong, get your pet to the nearest vet as a safety measure.

As I have repeatedly said, baby aspirin should do the magic to calm his nerves and finally getting your dog settled, assuming that his shaking and acting weird was as a result of getting spooked by noise or anxiety. And if none of the solutions suggested do not work to curb your dog’s shaking and acting weird, your best option is to seek a different opinion from a qualified veterinary professional

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