Dog Paw Swollen Between Toes

Dog Paw Swollen between Toes And Around Nails

What Are The Causes And Home Remedies for Swollen Dog Paws

Many dog owners experience dog paw swollen between toes, this is common and nothing to be afraid of. Because dog paws are always open to irritation from the environment, these irritations can be from pesticide, heat, allergies and winter salt. Once its combine with sweat, there is a tendency of your dog paw irritation and also swelling, this is why we have organized this article to show you some of the causes and remedies to clear your dog paw swollen between toes.

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What are the causes of dog paw swollen between toes?

The swollen dog paw is a common occurrence in dogs and possesses no serious concerns to health, even though is usually painful and uncomfortable for the dog.

Some of the reasons for dog paw swollen between toes:

If your dog damaged the nail: If the dog has a swollen around the nail, this could be due to a broken nail. The reasons why dogs get damaged nail, it could be due to:
An injury
An infection
A tumor
An exposure ( this could be an exposure to chemicals)

If there is a presence of an object: A foreign object in dog paw can cause swelling especially for swelling on one pad. If there is an object stuck between the toes of your dog, objects like thorns, metal or splinters, this things can cause swollen dog paw.

If the dog was bitten by an insect: Insect bites can include bee sting, spider bite, and snake bite. The swollen toe can indicate a serious problem for the dog.

If the dog has a broken toe: Like humans, dogs also experience swelling when there is a broken bone. This is most like to be the reason why your dog paw has swollen between toes and usually only affects the paw and not the leg.

If the dog has a tumor: If the dog has a tumor which is usually hidden behind toes, the first signs of this tumor is a swollen dog paw. This tumor can be the presence of cancer which needs immediate attention, this is to prevent the spread of this disease. The older the pooch is the more likely for the dog to be affected by tumor and also breeds like Labradors, Poodles (standard poodles), and Black pooches are most likely to experience these.

If the dog has allergies: Dog allergies can spread from a grass pollen, poison ivy and other food varieties can cause allergies which manifest its self through swelling dog paw. Some of the likely signs are:
Swollen paws
Swollen ears
Red ears
Red skin and spots on tummy
The nonstop licking and chewing of front paws can cause the swelling.

If the dog has abrasion and burns: These burns and abrasions are caused by taking your dog for a walk in a sunny weather. This is usually under the pads of the dog and appears after taking the dog for a walk on a hard concrete road, on a very hot asphalt, on gravels, on a jagged ground, and on rocky terrains. This can scrape the pad thereby reddening it and causing swelling on all four paws of the dog.

If the dog has heart problems: The heart problem can occur after you have to take the dog for a long walk or exercise and the common signs are coughing and swollen dog paws.

If the dog has an infection: Infections are a common cause of swelling of dog paws, infections like bacterial and fungal infections. Once there is a swollen paw, the dog also experiences itching, smells, redness, pus discharge and the area may feel hot. The itching will be followed by licking of the paws which aren’t good.

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What are the Home Remedies for Swollen Dog Paws?

Does your dog have a swollen dog paw? This is what you should do.

In some cases, you should take the dog to the vet if the dog has allergies, heart problem, tumor, infection, swelling that doesn’t subside. You have to first check the dog properly to enable you to know what the actual problem might be.

Here are some home remedies for swollen dog paws:

Check for irritants: You should first check your dog to see if there is an object which may be stuck on the dog paws or pads, these object can be a thorn, a splinter, stings, and bites. Doing this will give away any hidden tumor you are not aware of and will require medical attention. Any object spotted which have pierced through the skin or paws can be removed and cleaned at home. Bites and stings usually go away after a day or two, but if after this day’s nothing changed, you should seek medical attention, including allergies.

Use Epsom Salt Bath: Make use of Epsom Salt Bath to soak your dog paws is among the home remedies for a swollen dog paw.
Mix 2 table of Epsom Salt with a liter of warm water in a bowl or basin. Stir the water so to dissolve the Epsom Salt. Soak your dog paws in the water for some minutes (about 3-4 minutes) then bring it out and dry with a towel. This method can be done 3 times a day.

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Use Iodine Bath: Use Iodine Bath to rid the swollen dog paws, this relieves the dog from itching and swelling a by washing away any contamination stuck in dog pads and toes. How to do this.
Using a bowl or a basin, pour in some water, enough to cover the dog’s feet and add some Iodine. Put enough Iodine in the water and dip the dogs’ feet in the water for some minutes. Using a towel, dry the dog and repeat the process for about 3 times a day till the problem is gone.

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Use Apple Cider Vinegar: If there is a smell from the dog’s paws caused by yeast infection, soak the dog’s feet in an apple cider vinegar.

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Use Chamomile Tea or Cool Water: If the dog has burns or rather an abrasion, soak the dog’s feet in a cool water or chamomile tea to gently calm swollen toes or pads.

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Time To Relax: If you have taken the dog out for a walk, and it overexerted with swollen paws, give the dog some time to relax. Doing this will help the dog recover from the heat.

Remember, home remedies are for problems which minor and can be treated at home. If you think or the problem seems bad especially if the dog has an infection, you should go to the veterinarian for proper treatment.

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