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The Best Dog Breeds

Discover the best Dog Breeds That Are easier To Look After Yet Best Suited For Your Personality.

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Ever Wondered Which Dog Breeds Are Best?

Best dog shampoo for itchy skinDogs are proud members of the genius family of canines which were domesticated purposely for human companionship, hunting aids and in recent years, dogs have gone on to become useful in discovering hidden illnesses like cancer, security sniffer dog, guides for the blind and even in combat, you will find dogs fighting along soldiers and helping save lives by discovering land mines, pursuing enemies in the most challenging combatant terrain humans could possibly be endangered.

Best Types Of Dog Breeds

The Doberman dog breed is one of the oldest dog breeds which was first brought to America and Canada by a German national who worked as a tax collector. Doberman Pinscher dog breeds are synonymous with their unique gait which of course gives them a competitive advantage in their maneuverability and are quite good for overcoming ragged terrains.

doberman pinscher breed

Naturally, Border Collie dog breeds that make the best working dog if you decide to train them to dedicate their life as a pastoral dog on a farm.

And how we got wild dogs to harmoniously live with humans in our household is no secret, both man and dog have learned to rely on one another.

border collie breed

Akita breeds are intelligent, possessive a laid-back nature. Interestingly, despite being such a reserved type of a dog breed, Akita dog breeds are not timid or aggressive, instead, they are naturally dignified, courageous and extremely affectionate.

Akita breeds will defend their families without a second-guessing or thought which in short means they make excellent watchdogs. 

akita breeds

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