deworming side effects in puppies

Deworming Side Effects In Puppies

Deworming side effects in puppies can be a cause for worry to many dog owners who are in their early stages of raising a puppy into adulthood.

My five-year-old daughter was an emotional wreck when we had to deworm our first puppy.
We made some mistakes in lack of preparing all family members, so they understood that deworming side effects in puppies could be distressing if you have never dewormed a puppy dog before.

Having learned that there are side effects of deworming, I would hate it for you to make the same mistakes as I did.

How Long Will My Puppy Have Diarrhea After Deworming

The first 24 hours are very crucial, things to keep an eye on are making sure that your puppy is well hydrated as diarrhea can take a toll on energy levels making the puppy lethargic and look pale.

Mild Diarrhea And Vomiting.

Gastrointestinal was our worst nightmare when we dewormed our puppy, luckily the vet who administered the dose was very frank on what to expect after the deworming medication took effect.

List Of Side Effects Of Deworming A Puppy

Our local vet gave us a list of side effects of deworming a puppy, further to that she said not to expect that every box of this list would be ticked as some breeds are more resilient to common side effects of deworming a puppy. I am glad to report that from all the possible list of deworming side effects, here’s what our puppy had to endure:

  • Lethargy
  • Severe Loss Of Appetite
  • Gut-wrenching Diarrhea
  • Significant weight loss
  • Mild Fever.

How long will my puppy have diarrhea after deworming

Most puppy owners take their puppies for deworming only when they have started experiencing symptoms of roundworms or tapeworms.
With that in mind, there are possibilities that your puppy would have already been laden with both live worms, purples, adult worms and larvae eggs.

This is because when the puppy takes the dose, everything that stands in its way, including eggs and larvae will be killed 2hrs from time medication is administered up until two to three weeks.

How long after deworming a puppy are the worms gone

In reality, it’s very much possible and should be expected that your puppy may have to undergo the deworming process on multiple occasions.

Getting rid of roundworms and tapeworms can be tricky as it involves a few steps. The irony of puppies getting roundworms is the fact that the majority of them get infected with parasitic roundworms before they are born.

Now imagine this to be the case with your puppy, by the time you get round to deworming them, millions of both eggs, larvae and adult worms would have taken hostage of their intestinal vitals.
It is essential to get it right once and for all.

Dog Vomiting After Deworming

Its very common for puppies to not react negatively to their first dose of deworming medicines, however when you give them the same medication three months down the road, they will experience vomiting after deworming.

This is because dogs can also develop sensitivity to their tummy which causes the dog to vomiting after deworming dosage.
Chewable deworming medicines like Heartgard and Heartgard Plus are favored for their effectiveness as they are capable of getting rid of adult worms, eggs, and larvae for an extended period.
What I do not like about Heartgard is the fact that continued monthly treatment as it is advocated is what is likely to cause a dog vomitting after deworming due to stomach sensitivity.

Live Worms In Dog Poop After Deworming

Spotting live worms in dog poop after deworming is a good sign that the medication has started working. In many cases, you should start seeing both live and dead worms in dog poop within two hours from administering of your dewormer of choice.
The main reason you begin to see live worms after the dosage is simply that deworming medication like Heartgard plus cause paralysis to the larvae which then lose their grip on the dog’s gut wall where they naturally cling on to suckle in blood from the dog.

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