Children with fleas and how to treat it

Children with fleas and how to treat it

Fleas are parasites that survive through the blood of human and animals. They first invade your pets and then after your children. Classifications of fleas are as follows, dog fleas, cat fleas, and human fleas. Their sharp jaw enables them to inject blood in the skin. With the aid of an anticoagulant that is present in their saliva. It adheres to abstain the clotting process, allowing them to suck enough blood to satisfy their thirst.

Signs of Flea Bites on Children

Flea bites sometimes mistakenly view as an allergic reaction.The most significant indicator that it is indeed a flea bite is the puncture in the skin that leaves a red halo when seen closely. Common areas will be seen in the lower part of the body like in the legs and around the waist. The small red bumps turn into blisters after few days of consistent itching and scratching. Whenever a child vigorously scratches the affected area it will result in breaking of the skin because of pressure made. It will then serve as the portal of entry for pathogens.

Aside from Itching and scratching habit. Another thing to consider about fleas is their ability to transmit serious diseases like murine typhus and bubonic plague. It’s possible when they can easily move from one host to another.

Treatment for Flea Bites

Relief from symptoms of flea bites is the utmost goal. Whenever detected that your child has signs of flea bites, immediate action should take place. Disinfect the affected area with antiseptic soap and cold water to relieve the itchiness. Warm or hot water is never an option for the treatment for it can aggravate the situation. Cold compress to allay the nuisance feeling it brings and undermine the swelling. Remind your child not to scratch it for it can intensify the risk for infection. Hydrocortisone creams and calamine lotion will be advised to gain relief.In cases that it doesn’t meet the desired result; you should seek immediate medical attention. Antibiotics will be given whenever the infection gets severe.

Preventive Measures

As it was stated, Children gets infected with fleas through their pets. Hence, free your house with this invasion to assure the absence of repeated cases in your children. Fleas lay their eggs specifically on the carpets, upholstery, furniture and other areas which they can adapt. Cleanliness around your house will make a big difference. Every corner will be subject for thorough cleaning. No area should be left unclean. Let your pets be checked by a vet from time to time and contact the nearest professional personnel for the flea control. To know more read on:

Symptoms differ among children. Some children may show signs of flea bites after bitten for a couple of hours. Others develop it after a few days and reaction sensitivity from the saliva secretions. Whenever the child acquires a serious illness, notify immediately the medical team and inform the physician about the flea bites.