Can You Use A Regular Dremel On Dog Nails?(Explained)

Dog nail grinding is a necessary part of keeping your dog well groomed, but most pet owners don’t seem to like to cut and grind down dog nails altogether. I remember years ago, my family had a Shiba Inu dog whose nails had been left unattended for a while, leaving myself and my little brother at his mercy from nasty scratches every time he was excited and jumpy. 

Despite my parents being good pet owners, cutting dog nails was not their strong trait. Once in a while, my dad would use an old nail cutter to trim the sharp and pointy nail ends unsuccessfully, that was nail cutting our dog experienced once in a blue moon. 

It’s hard to get the job done right without hurting your puppy when you are not using the right tools for the job. Most dogs are scared and don’t understand what you want them to do when you try to trim their nails. That’s why when my girlfriend and I brought home our dog Tess, I knew that I needed a good nail clipper and nail grinder to avoid dog ingrown nail problems long term.

You need a professional dog nail grinder that can help you keep your pet healthy and happy! Our electric dog nail grinders are safe, easy-to-use, and fast. They’re designed for both large breeds and small pets with thick or thin nails. The pet grooming market today offers several different models at affordable prices so everyone can enjoy the benefits of owning a dog nail grooming kit! How about using a regular dremel to grind down your dog’s nails, is a regular dremel ideal for dog nail grooming?

Do not grind dog nails using a regular Dremel grinder. When clipping and grinding pet nails, Dremel dog nail grinders are better than regular dremel grinders. Untrained pet groomers can not operate a regular Dremel grinder safe. If possible, use a Dremel dog nail grinder with LED light,clipping depth safeguards and suitable for all-dog sizes. Make sure your pet dog is sitting with his/her entire body touching the seat’s back. 

Dremel dog nail grinder – | Best Pet Nail Grinding tool

The Dremel dog nail grinder is a reimagined pet nail clipping tool with a light and suitable for all dog sizes. It is a wireless, silent dog nail grinder with LED lighting for easy visibility of intricate toenail areas.

  • Easy to use, convenient and safe 
  • Double sided for two sides of nail grinding action
  • Durable, no-slip grip handle that won’t slip in wet hands
  • Designed for comfort and accuracy
  • Smoothes down any rough edges on your dog’s nails
  •  Effectively removes dead tissue and dangle nail tissue with every grooming session.
  • Makes your pet’s experience more comfortable than ever before. 
  •  Recommended for most dogs, especially if you are not sure what they prefer in regards to nail care
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1. What’s a Dremel tool and what is it used for?

A Dremel dog nail clipper is a device that rotates rapidly, which will grind down your dog’s nails. It can be used on both dogs and cats in order to file their nails down so they don’t get caught or snagged on things. The best part about this type of nail grinder is that it doesn’t have blades like regular clippers do-so there’s no risk of getting nicked while using it!

The problem with many people who own pets, are the ones who never want to take the time to actually trim their pet’s nails. This often leads to an overgrowth of long claws which becomes uncomfortable for both you and them. There are certain steps that need to be taken before one can start to grind dog nails.

How Dremel Nail Grinders Work?

Dremels are mostly used by professional groomers who have experience in clipping and grinding dog nails. But if you ever need to use one at home for your pet grooming, wireless pet nail grinders are the best option for better results and I will break down for you how it works. 

When grinding your dog’s nails, safety is the biggest concern for most pet owners. And one of the most common worries for pet owners is whether Dremel dog nail grinders hurt dogs?

Dremel dog nail grinders do not hurt dogs. Pet nail clippers and grinders are designed with safety of the pets in mind. Though they may vibrate and make noise, keeping your dog calm and relaxed while you grind nails pose no danger or discomfort for your pet. 

Before grinding your dog’s nails, make sure your puppy is gently introduced to the noise and vibration by starting the wireless nail grinder on and off a couple of times for a few days as you cuddle on your chair. It helps sensitive pooches to settle down their nerves long before you begin clipping and grinding their nails.

Gather all your supplies; ensure that you have a Dremler and its attachments like cutters, file and burr discs as well as some clippers if needed. With these available, start off by making sure your dog has no hair on their paws or between their toes so they can stand up properly for working on them. Next step would be filing the top side of each

2. Benefits of using a Dremel on dog nails.

Standard benefits:

  • Get professional results without the hassle or expense. 
  • Avoid painful nail trimming at the vet or grooming salon. 

Emotional benefits:

  • Save time and money by doing it yourself.

Having invested in my own dog nail grinder, I have saved both money and time. I do not have to visit my local veterinary now just to have my dog’s nails clipped and grounded.

  • Keep your pet calm and comfortable during nail grinding with a Dremel dog nail grinder

3. Tips for making nail trimming easier and more comfortable for you and your pet

Soften Dog’s Nails Before Cutting Them?

Soaking your pet’s feet in warm water for at least 10 minutes helps to soften the dog’s nails, for easy trimming. A bathtub or your dog’s bathing basin works well to get all the dog’s paws nicely soaked before using a towel to thoroughly dry your dog’s paws and toenails. 

When you are ready, use a dog nail clipper to make small cuts to avoid splintering the nail and cut straight across. To lessen the chance of the nail becoming ingrown, don’t round off the corners.

Keep Your  Dog Calm When Trimming His Nails.

Taking the stress out when nailtimming your puppy dog can be easier said than done. I remember taking our nervous puppy dog Tess to our local Vet for her first nail trimming session. She was restless, stubborn and uncooperative. Thanks to the experience and expertise of the attending veterinarian lady, I watched her use a soothing voice to reassure our puppy dog, gaining her confidence and trust which resulted in a calm puppy while she was  gently rubbing her paws as she trimmed and ran the nail grinder one after the other.

If you are trimming your puppy’s nails at home, soothing voices helps to keep your dog calm while you are focused on the toes, giving each one a soft squeeze then a straight cut before grinding it evenly. When cutting and grinding the puppy’s nails, make sure to apply gentle pressure to the nail itself and observe if your dog remains calm.

 If your puppy dog becomes scared or pulls back her paw, stop for a bit and continue only when she settles down. To completely take the stress out of nail trimming for your dog at home, make sure that:

  •  Learn how to calm your dog while trimming their nails
  • Gather techniques for a painless process 
  • Discover the steps needed on how to grind and file nails properly 
  • Understand what supplies you need before getting started

4. The importance of keeping your pet healthy by grooming their nails regularly

The importance of grooming your pet’s nails regularly can not be underestimated. Sadly, grooming a puppy dog’s nails, coat and teeth is not something that most pet owners possibly consider as a priority. But, having a weekly grooming routine that covers all areas of your pet’s life is vital.

 I remember when our puppy dog had long nails that were sharp and pointy, she could scratch her underbelly with those sharp nails, leaving ulcerations that  exposed her to bacterial infections. So, when it comes to keeping our dog’s nails neatly trimmed and ground, the benefits are pretty clear…regular nail grooming:

  • Keeps your pet safe from accidental self-harm.
  • Prevents overgrown nails and other painful conditions, and can help prevent accidental injury to you, your pet or permanent scratches on expensive home furniture.
  • Give them a pedicure that they’ll love!

Overall, trimming your pet’s nails gives you an opportunity to closely inspect your puppy dog’s  feet for most hidden problems like swelling, cracked pads, or matted fur underbelly.

5. Things to consider when purchasing a new or replacement dremel kit.

If you are on the market for a dog nail grinding kit, there are vital aspects and features you want to consider as the must-have to meet your pet grooming standards and these includes making sure that:

  • You are getting a professional-grade nail clippers and grinders for all your pet needs 
  • You are getting a pet nail grinder with a Built-in safety guard to avoid injuries or nail damage.
  • You are getting a dog nail grinder with adjustable sizes suitable for multiple animals – large or small dog breeds
  • You are getting Professional grade low noise nail clippers and grinders for all your pet needs 
  • You are getting a nail grinder for pets with Built-in LED Light as a safety guard to avoid damage.

Alternatives to using a regular Dremel on dogs’ nails

As the market offers a wide selection of potential dog nail grinders, you are not alone if you are wondering what could be the best dog nail grinder available on the market today. After thorough research and gathering reviews of the widely used pet dog nail trimmers and grinders, I have put together the list of our top picks for you to evaluate them one by one and choose the one you feel ticks your boxes of needs.

Our Top Picks for the Best Alternative Nail Grinder for Your Dog 

  • Overall Best Dog Nail Grinder: Dremel 7300-PT 4.8V Pet Nail Grooming Tool.
  • Best Dog Nail Grinder With Safety Guards: Oster Gentle Paws Premium Nail Grinder.
  • Best Value Dog Nail Grinder: Dremel Paw Control 7760-PGK Nail Grinder.
  • Best Quietest Dog Nail Grinder: Conair Pro Dog Nail Grinder.
  • Best Dog Nail Grinder With LED Light: Furminator Nail Grinder.
  • Best Value For Money Dog Nail Grinder: Amir Gentle Paws Premium Pet Nail Grinder.
  • Best Affordable Dog Nail Grinder:Casfury Dog Nail Grinder.

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