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Traveling with a dog has become a part and parcel of modern pet owners who live with a dog or cat as part of their family. And you don’t have to look further from the booming pet dog hotels where your dog is checked in to enjoy all the pampering and pet grooming when you check your fur-friend in.

On the other hand, most staycations will involve traveling to your holiday destination by car or RV. And if you are thinking of traveling with your dog on an adventure travel holiday time, you need the best travel bed for your dog.

Top Best Travel Dog Bed

Most dogs are anxious to travel with, and in their anxiety-induced state, they can turn to chewing their bed with the hope of soothing themselves From travel anxiety. In that case, you need the best indestructible dog bed you can find.

A tough dog bed that is chew-proof must be regarded as an investment in your travel experience, so you better find the highest quality of an indestructible travel dog bed for your dog.

Though there are countless travel dog bed brands, not all travel beds are made equal as the majority of the best toughest chew proof dog bed only come with a dog bed chew proof cover instead of the entire bed being made from tough material for a dog to chew.

However, a few indestructible beds are made from tough material and also come with a chew-proof dog bed cover which is a bonus.

So, if you are looking for tough to chew beds it may be the best thing to get the best indestructible bed for heavy chewers because you will need it to keep your little best friend comfortable during those travels.

In This article, Learn About:

  • The reasons why you should use a travel dog bed
  • The characteristics you should look for in a portable travel dog bed
  • And finally the 10 best travel dog beds

Reasons why you should use a travel dog bed

There are many reasons why you should always carry a travel bed whenever traveling with your dog, and below we have listed these reasons:

  • You may be traveling to a place where dogs are not allowed to sleep on the furniture so the travel bed will be the only place where your dog can it
  • Your dog may be the anxious type, so the travel bag may help your dog relax a bit at night
  • A travel bag will give your dog a place to sleep and hang out as well
  • A portable travel bed will help contain shed hair and keep your host’s home cleaner

The characteristics you should look for in a travel dog bed

Yes, there are a lot of travel dog beds available on the markets but some are better than others, so let’s take a look at some of the most important things to look for in a travel dog bed.

The travel dog bed should be portable and of a suitable size

The number one feature you should look for when buying a traveling dog bed I portability, so pay attention to how much the travel bed will weigh and also how tightly it can wrap up to decide whether it will meet your traveling needs.

The bed should also be of a suitable size; it shouldn’t be too large for the dog or too large to the extent that it will be difficult to cry. Simply buy a bed that will be suitable for your dog.

Should be made of high-quality materials

Simply make sure you buy a bed of high quality that is durable as well. We all know that dogs love to chew stuff, so if you buy a bed of cheap material, it will not last even for a day. So if you know your dog is the chewing type, choose a highly durable option.

Should have sufficient loft

When buying the travel dog bed, make sure you choose the well-cushioned one for it will be more comfortable for your dog and will provide a better night’s sleep.

Buy a dog bed that will be at least 1-inch-thick and a loft does not apply to most elevated beds, they cushion your dog’s joints by keeping its entire body of the ground.

Should be made of fabrics that are easy to clean

A dog bed needs to be washed time and time again to remove dirt, fur, saliva and other things like poop. So make sure you buy a bed that is hand-washable or machine washable.

Should be water-resistant

Don’t go for dog traveling beds that will just absorb the dog’s urine, these tend to smell over time and they are likely difficult to clean than those with water-resistant fabrics.

However, if you have no other option but to buy the bed which is not water-resistant, then make sure you apply pet-safe water-repelling spray on the bed by your self

The Top 10 Best Travel Dog Bed

Below we have listed the 10 portable travel dog bed, scroll down and take a look but make sure you pick the one that is well-suited for your dog’s specific needs

1. Kurgo Loft Wander travel dog bed

This travel dog bed is waterproof, and the best part about it is that is rolled up quickly and easily, making it awesome or traveling.


  • The bed has a rubberized bottom which helps keep the bed in place
  • The bed is very comfortable


  • The bed doesn’t have sufficient padding
  • It’s expensive

2. Ruff and Tuff self-inflating travel dog bed

This is an inflatable travel dog bed that is very easy to use and provides your dog with a very comfortable place to sleep.


  • The bed is extremely comfortable
  • It’s easy to use because it can be inflated and deflated
  • The construction of the bed is durable and its made of high-quality material
  • The bed is too big when rolled up

3. Chuckit travel dog bed

This bed will roll up and fi in the included stuff sack, making it very easy to carry with you when traveling.


  • A lot of travelers have highly recommended this bed, they love that it’s portable and easy to carry around when traveling
  • The bed is made of high-quality material
  • Is very comfortable for the dog


  • The bed is not ideal for super skittish dogs
  • A very small number of owners reported that their dogs did not like the crinkling noise the nylon cover of the bed made

4. Kopeks Elevated dog bed

Although this bed cannot fold or collapse, it is very easy to assemble and disassemble and it requires no tools to do that, customers love that about this bed.


  • The bed is very comfortable
  • The bed is very easy to put together and take apart, which makes it great for traveling


  • The bed is not strong enough for bigger dogs
  • The material it is made from s not durable

5. Carlson pet products elevated pet dog

This is an elevated pet traveling bed that provides your dog with a very comfortable place to sleep when traveling.

  • The elevated design of this bed is best for dogs with hip, joint or bone problems
  • The bed is very comfortable
  • The material it is made from is durable
  • The bed is large

6. SportPet Luxury waterproof travel dog

What customers love most about this bed is that it zips into a suitcase, making it very portable and easy to carry when traveling.


  • Has waterproof removable padding which makes cleaning it up very easy
  • It’s perfect for hotels and cars as well
  • Made of durable comfortable material


  • This is not the best choice for you if you are looking for a compact hiking and camping bed because it only folds into a suitcase and doesn’t roll up like a sleeping bag

7. Coleman Plush travel plaid

This bed is comfortable and made of durable material. So if you are looking for something simple at an affordable price, this is for you.


  • The bed is comfortable
  • Made of durable material
  • Is portable
  • Is easy to clean


  • It will not provide enough padding for dogs with sore joints
  • The bed is not ideal for bigger dogs
  • Doesn’t come with a carrying case, so you will need to provide your own

8. Ruffwear backpacking travel dog bed

This travel dog bed has a water-resistant polyester fabric shell that keeps your dog from feeling the moisture from the ground and synthetic insulation to keep the dog warm. The bed can be rolled up tightly and is of light-weight, making it easy to carry.


  • The bed is made from a water-resistant material
  • The bag is very durable, it will roll up tightly and is light enough that your dog can carry it on its own
  • The bag is very comfortable


  • Not suitable for large dogs with joint problems

9. Hellios Backpacking travel dog

This travel dog bed is army strong and the best part about it is that it is waterproof to protect the polar fleece surface so that your dog stays snug and warm.

The bed is also light-weight making it very easy to carry when traveling. The bed is 4 inches thick and has a weaved sewing line that keeps the inner filling from moving around.


  • The bag is an all-weather sleeping bag for your dog and will keep it warm in cold weather and cool in hot weathers
  • It is very light in weight, making it easy to carry


  • If your dog is large or very tall or long, it may not fit in this bed
  • Comfortability is an issue

10. Helios Aero inflatable travel dog bed

This travel dog bad is comfortable, waterproof and very easy to carry around when traveling. The bed can be deflated and then it rolls up tightly, making it easy to carry.


  • The bed uses air to provide comfortable padding for your dog
  • The bag is waterproof on top and bottom
  • If your dog is the chewing type, the bed may be punctured and then start to leak
Best Travel Dog Bed

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