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Purina Pro Plan FOCUS Sensitive Skin & Stomach Adult Dry Cat Food

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When it comes to cat food, lines of divisions have been drawn for so long, and if you are wondering what is the best cat food for your feline? Well In this post, we share about everything you need to know about choosing a good healthy pet food and what you need to know about the best cat food as this can be a daunting process when you walk into a pet store and there’s just aisles and aisles of pet food to choose from. 

Should You Feed Your Cat Wet Cat Food Or Dry Cat Food?

Naturally, felines are carnivorous animals whose diet is predominantly meat based so when you are looking for the best cat food out there, one of the challenges is the fact that we’re not sure which one to grab.

And that is why we are going to explore what kibble and canned versions of what is believed to be the best feline food are better for cats. 

While some schools of thought have an emphasis on their cat food being made from scratch at home, in this best cat food guide, we won’t necessarily go into homemade cat food diets.

Wellness Complete Healthy Indulgence Grain Free Morsels Variety Pack Wet Cat Food


Complete health kitten formula grain-free canned cat food

This cat food is ideal for any home raising kittens as it is packed with all the proteins and nutrients they require for their growth and muscle build.

With Complete health kitten formula grain-free canned cat food, you are getting the premium brand when it comes to manufacturing pet food.

It is made from a combination of debonned chicken and liver to produce a delicious succulent kitty cat food your feline will always look forward to make a meal out of!


  • 1Complete Kitten  Food High Protein @ 40.0 %
  • 2Vitamin B12 Supplement
  • 3Manganese Amino Acid Chelate
  • 4Min Fiber 4.0 %
  • 5Min Omega 6 Fatty Acids* 3.5 % 


Best Cat Food For Kittens

Best food for kittens begin with either breastfeeding from their mum or if you are bottle-feeding them. In fact bottle, fed kittens will need to be bottle fed with whole milk replacer at least every 2-3 hours between day and night while you are also keeping the kittens warm and dry. All this will happen between 1 – 4 weeks old which is when they may begin to explore solids.Now, the one thing I always remind fellow feline owners is to always wean the kittens based on their protein requirement and not always on general guides. And to do that you will need to keep your kittens on a bottle-fed routine with kitten formula beyond the 5 weeks old while you ease them into canned food for KITTENS ONLY.


  • 1Kittens benefit from  High Protein @ 40.0 %
  • 2Vitamin B12 Supplement
  • 3Manganese Amino Acid Chelate
  • 4Min Fiber 4.0 %
  • 5Min Omega 6 Fatty Acids* 3.5 % 

Best Cat Food For Older Cats With Sensitive Stomachs | Digestive Problems | Bad Teeth


Best Cat Food For Older Cats

Older cats often struggle with GI tract disorders which is very common in felines and can be a very serious but also devastating health issue that pet owners often deal with.

While there are many underlying causes of stomach sensitivity, there is a lot you can do inline with your cat’s food as it can have a significant impact on their overall GI tract health. …Often times, diarrhea is rampant in cats with a sensitive stomach. While most many would be quick to recommend that you buy the best cat food for sensitive stomach and diarrhea, Ideally your main goal has to be making sure that you are doing everything needed to alleviate your cat’s root causes of stomach sensitivity. As chronic diarrhea is often the case, your next step is to figure out how to firm the stool of your cat. And that is where considering the addition of select pet probiotic such as lactobacillus, the “good bacteria” found in yogurt or cultured Fortiflora where possible is an excellent way to boost up their declining sources of live, active probiotics. Other pet owners often do this by feeding their felines with Unflavored canned pumpkin to firm the stool. This has been known to work in both dogs and cats, as pumpkins are full of fiber, hence it is a great way to firm up stools.Great news for cat owners is that the taste of pumpkins is highly favored by many cats so you will not have problems feeding the cats one to two-level tablespoons per 5.5 oz off the can.And if you are not sure of the common signs and symptoms… stomach sensitivity in felines usually begins with vomiting and/or diarrhea. Asking for advice from your local Veterinarian is helpful and highly recommend. But all in all, finding the best cat food with the highest digestibility possible, helps to prevent further irritation to her sensitive stomach and GI tract.


Best Cat Food For Weight Loss

Rapid weight loss in older cats is a worrisome scenario to deal with when your beloved feline is eating well, yet still losing weight rapidly.

Good news is that there are some early signs and symptoms that you can watch out for serious underlying health problems in cats who are rapidly on the weight loss decline.

Similarly, gaining more weight in their old age is also another common problem for aging cats. And it is mostly associated to their declining active life and lack of exercise.There’s no secret that in their old age, cats are often prone to weight gain if not sudden weight loss one way or the other. So, keeping a keen eye on any slight changes is key. For cats at the risk of weight loss, they tend to drink lots of water, while other cats losing weight will throw up soon after eating. Though what causes sudden weight loss in cats is not tied to one event, when you notice your feline drinking lots of water, and possibly throwing up soon after eating, it is time to seek for help from a local veterinary near you!In a bid to keep up with the weight loss, special food elimination and additions have to be made to keep in line with their lack of activity in old age. And these top 10 best cat foods are the best for any aging cat who is gaining weight rapidly in their old age…

Best Cat Food For Cat Weight Gain


Best Cat Food For Weight Gain

For best results with your selection of the best cat food for weight gain, your Underweight cat must be put on a heavy protein dietary consumption of around 30% while the fatty acids of 20% are required as a minimum…

And this list of the top 10 best cat food for fattening your cat will just do fine! And the best news is that this list of best feline food for weight gain is available on Amazon for next day delivery.


Best Grain Free Wet Cat Food

You will love Blue Buffalo Wilderness High Protein Grain Free, Natural Adult Dry Cat Food which has real Chicken and meat. This best wet cat food is a real deal folks.

If your cat is diabetic, which is also very common in most pet cats, then you should make sure that you keep away from Blue Wilderness as it is high in Protein. 

Naturally, felines with diabetes, are only allowed low calories wet cat food brands, to that extent, make sure that your cat food is at least in the region of 10% in carbs for their food.


  • 1Blue Buffalo Wilderness High Protein @ 40.0 %
  • 2Vitamin B12 Supplement
  • 3Manganese Amino Acid Chelate
  • 4Min Fiber 4.0 %
  • 5Min Omega 6 Fatty Acids* 3.5 % 

 However, what we are going to share should apply to someone looking to buy food from a pet shop or Amazon. So when looking at cat foods from that stance there is a criterion that has to be taken into consideration which has a few things that we want you to keep in mind and one of them is to:

Always look for what’s called an affidavit 

This is just a seal of approval from an American Association of food control officers which give thumbs up to say we approve the worthiness of this cat food brand.

Take note this association is only an influential group in the pet food industry and not a government group or arm of government.

But a private organization that makes sure that the products that you’re getting for your cat as feed is actually what they say it is.

Unless you are familiar with the cat food brand, when you look at the back of a bag it’s not only going to give you the guaranteed analysis of proteins and carbs and all the vitamins and minerals.

But it also usually has a statement that says that this food is either formulated or has been actually done feed trials with actual animals to make sure that it’s healthy for cats and there were no problems recorded with that food.

Any best feline food that undergoes the animal food testing must establish a record that: When it was tested, the cat food didn’t make them sick. The kittens could keep their weight up and that they grew properly. That’s why it is advisable for any pet owner to keep in mind that any pet food they purchase, has this great statement so take your time to look for it.

Of course in many cases, brands that are less known are more susceptible to just slap that label on the packaging just for the sack of making a quick sale. So the one biggest thing I love to see when a pet food brand makes a claim is actual feeding trials because that means they’ve taken the effort to do that. Just make sure of that big portion of the choosing of your best cat food is not skated.

Check The Cat Food Ingredients List. 

When it comes to the best cat food’s ingredients, I like to look at the ingredients in the list of the one brand I have my eyes on and I like to try to make sure that they are proper ingredients that a cat would want.

Make no mistake, cats are definitely obligate carnivores so you do want to have a high-protein diet that’s based upon the real quality meat from animals and nothing else. 

Basically, what I am trying to say here is that we’re not looking for necessarily meal products but we’d like to see the real chicken thighs like that says they actually took those products and made them into a diet and I honestly do believe that it makes a huge difference.

Know Who Your Pet Food Manufacturers Are.

 It doesn’t take a genius to spot inconsistencies in between the brand messaging, that is why you need to just take a quick glance at the manufacturer who is feeding your beloved feline and this can easily be done by simply going online and look up for these guys.

Very often there is a bulletin going out about pet food recalls, unless you take the time and effort to look for problems that they might have had if a manufacturer consistently has problems with their food brand, you won’t be able to know if that particular cat food brand is in good standing.

Do They Have In-house Licensed Veterinarians That Are Qualified To Do The Vetting?

 As a pet owners, you would think that you know everything to avoid inside your favorite cat food brand right? 

You are wrong!

As more and more of your most trusted pet food suppliers seek for better ways to feed your cat the best type of food for cats you buy, they are also faced with the challenges of evolving new ways of introducing processed plant food, meat products, supplementation of vital nutrients for aging cats and many more. 

So make sure to carefully keep up to date with your cat brand food and be aware of what to look for in pet food manufacturers just to make sure that:

They have licensed veterinarians that are PhD nutritionists that have been on staff and have been actually there to work with all of these products.

While its not fun going about looking for this information, admittedly not that many people go to the point of looking at manufacturers that much, instead:


  • They look at the ingredients
  • They look at the packaging and some also look at the advertising.


Not really sure of what it would cost to take a thorough look, but as a cat owner, it shouldn’t really be a big deal to take a good look deep into the cat food brand reputation as it really makes a huge difference.

 Cat brand food also come with a unique language (mostly in small print) that they put on a bag which can be quite confusing.

 Now as a pet owner, the only thing that’s really regulated in the pet food industry by the government officials is going to be the word organic.

So make sure that you understand that if your feline food needs to be organic, which has some specific regulations that are connected with it compared to everything else natural holistic all of those things, then make sure that a seal of approval is on it.

 Turns out that anybody can say anything about that they can throw it onto a bag and it really doesn’t mean anything so keep in mind certain words are just out there.

 The thing with cat food is, when you’re thinking about kibble and you only have one cat in your household, it is always recommend that you buy smaller bags and not the 40 pound bag of cat food.

If you can accurately measure, make sure that the cat food is only about a month’s worth of supply as pet food preservatives do get in the way of serving your cat fresh food.

From when you open that cat food bag up, you are on the countdown clock,and if it goes past the 30 days, it’s gonna spoil within that time frame unless you are using an electric cat feeding machine with airtight storage.

So keep in mind that a smaller bag is always much more helpful and if you keep all of these things in mind getting a good quality product something that you know is a manufacturer-approved product goes a long way.

It’s important that you’re keeping your feline happy by making sure that those guys are making pet food that has those ingredients that you’re looking for  and your cat enjoys eating during her meals.

That’s how you provide a good quality product to your pet and they’re gonna thrive under your care.


 At badfeas, we take petcare seriously and go a long way to provide you with all the information you need about the best cat food brands. Whether you have have any questions about best brand food for kittens and would like more information on this subject or others don’t hesitate visit our website.

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