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Ever wondered, what Is The Best Cat Food For Losing Weight?

In short, Wet food for cats is the best for your feline to lose weight, and here is why… According to published reports, wet cat food has a proven track record for successfully reversing obesity and diabetes which is prevalent in overweight cats.

The other reason why wet cat food is the best for losing weight over the majority of the dry cat food is that dry feline feed often contains unhealthy additives like fatty fillers.

And if you ask, what is the best cat food for losing weight? Hill’s Science Diet Adult Light canned cat food is one of the best feline food with low-calorie count on the lists of the best cat food for weight loss.
The best part for Hill’s science diet adult light canned cat food is that It also contains a reasonable amount of elevated levels of the beneficial natural fibers, which are helpful to keep your cat feeling full all day.

Is your cat overweight? Are you looking for the best cat food that could help curb weight gain in cats while also encouraging a balanced weight loss?
While there are plenty of ways to get your feline fit again without feeling guilty, the majority of pet owners have no clue of where they should be starting?

If that’s the case then you’ve come to the right place, as Chances are that your cat is more than a pound, and if it is, then it’s definitely time to step in. So, in this article you will learn:

  1. ·The tips for helping your cat lose weight
  2. What to look for in a weight loss cat food
  3. The 10 best cat food for weight loss

One thing you need to know is that obesity is a growing problem in cats, it is more than just an aesthetic issue because it can as well cause or lead to other health problems for your cat.

Tips for helping your cat lose weight

Some cat owners think its normal for their cats to weigh about 8 or 9 pounds, they think its healthy and cute but in actual sense, it’s not healthy at all and can lead to other health issues like obesity and obesity is dangerous because it can increase your cat’s risk for diabetes, heart disease, cancer, and other deadly diseases. below we have listed some things you can do if your cat is overweight and need to lose a bit of weight:

Tips for helping your cat lose weight

1. The first thing you must do is talk to your veterinarian about your cat’s weight. Your veterinarian will then do some test to see if there’s a health problem behind the weight gain of your cat and also tell you how much of weight your cat needs to lose. Unfortunately, most pet owners do not prioritize the need for choosing what to feed their pets. But I can tell you that figuring out what to feed your cat from a younger age (Kittens) is key to prevent obesity in Cats.

2. Then you’ll need to adjust your cat’s diet, control his calorie and fats intake. Simply limit treats and reduce the amount of food you give to your cat.

3. Play around with your cat, make it active and also walk long distances with it as this will help in losing weight.

NOTE: Losing weight is a process, there’s no need of rushing your cat to it because losing weight too fast may as well result to health complications such as fatty liver disease which leads to liver failure.

Things you should look for in a weight loss cat food

There are specific things you should look for in a weight loss cat food because just reducing the amount of food your cat eats may not be enough and in the process, you may as well be taking out the proteins your cat needs.

Below we have listed the main things should look for when buying your cat’s weight loss food:

  • ·The food you choose to buy for your cat’s weight loss diet must be complete and have balanced nutrition
  • ·The food should have digestible carbohydrates and dietary fiber
  • ·The food must be rich and high in lean animal proteins
  • ·The food must be low in fats

One thing you should keep in mind as well is that proteins are the foundations of a healthy diet for your cat because they are carnivores, its a must for them to consume proteins so the best cat food for weight loss should be high in animal protein and low in fats.

The Top 10 Best Cat Foods For Weight Loss

Yes, there are a lot of cat foods designated for weight loss available in our markets and knowing which one is good for your kitty may be a bit of a challenge.

But hopefully, our recommended products here will make life a bit easy for you. Below we have listed the top 10 best cat foods for weight loss, these will help your cat stay healthy and in good shape:

1.NomNom flavorful fish feast

This food is excellent for your overweight cat especially if it loves to fish, it is suitable for cats of all ages, a blend of tilapia and salmon something that almost all cats enjoy.

This food features 18 percent crude protein, 6 percent crude fat and a 1percent fiver and has very low amounts of carbohydrates.

·The food is made from highly digestible proteins
·The food is made from human-grade ingredients
·The food is very safe and free of ingredients that could trigger hyperthyroidism
·The food is very low in carbohydrates

·It is impossible to get the food without signing up for a subscription

  1. Tiki cat Hana Grill Ahi Tuna with Crab in Tuna Consomme
    This canned cat food is high in proteins and very low in carbohydrates and fats, making it an excellent meal for your cat’s losing weight diet.

The main ingredients of this food are tuna, tuna broth, and crab. A lot of cat owners have highly recommended this cat food because it is hand-packed, contains healthy natural proteins, contains 3 percent fats and only 2 percent of fats.


·The food is made from digestible high-quality ingredients
·The food is a lean source of protein
·The food contains chelated minerals

·Some cats don’t like the texture of this food

3. Wellness Grain-free Chicken Entree Pate Kitty cat Food

This cat food contains 11% percent of minimal proteins, 7% minimum fats, 1% maximum Fiber has and has a maximum of 78% moisture.

The recipe of this cat food features real chicken as the main ingredient which is a lean source of premium animal protein. The food is grain-free for easy digestion and also features all-natural ingredients.

This cat food will improve your cat’s overall health and is excellent for cats losing weight.

·The food is made from real chicken and chicken liver as the first ingredients
·The food is grain-free and very low in carbohydrates
·The food is great for cats of all ages

·The food doesn’t contain probiotic supplements
·The food contains guar gum which will make the poop of the cat smell bad

4. Castor and Pollux Grain-free organic chicken recipe canned food

This cat food for weight loss features free-range, organic chicken, rich fruits and vegetables as the main ingredients, it also contains omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids for healthy skin and coat. The food also contains 78% moisture for easy digestion.

·Contains a blend of omega fatty acids
·The food is made with USA organic ingredients
·Rich in proteins, fruits, and vegetables

·The food is expensive
·The food contains a bit of plant protein

5. Nature’s Variety Instinct Raw Boost Grain-free natural cat food

This can food is made with premium natural ingredients and is a combination of high protein kibble and freeze-dried raw pieces for maximum nutrition and flavor.

The main ingredients of this food are real chicken and also contains omega fatty acids for healthy skin and coat.

·The food is made from premium-quality all-natural ingredients
·Contains high protein kibble blended with freeze-dried raw pieces
·Contains chelated minerals and probiotics

·The food is very expensive to feed your cat as a staple diet

6. Merrick Limited ingredient Diet Grain-free real turkey pate recipe

The main ingredient of this food is turkey and it also contains pea protein. Other ingredients available are organic alfalfa meal. guar gum and flaxseed oil.

This cat food is best for cats losing weight because it is low in fats, carbohydrates but high in moisture and protein.

·The food is excellent for cats of all ages
·Is grain-free
·Contains no by-products

· Makes the poop of your cat to smell bad
·Some cats may not love the flavor of this food

7. Purina beyond grain-free natural adult cat food

This food comes in a variety of flavors and features premium animal proteins with grain-free carbohydrates for fiber and nutritional support.

·The food is made with plenty of sources of quality animal proteins
·The food is grain-free

·The food doesn’t contain chelated minerals or probiotics

8. Newman’s own organic chicken and liver dinner canned cat food

The main ingredient of this meal is chicken and chicken liver, it is high in proteins but low in fats and carbs making it a pretty good choice for your overweight cat.

·The food id made with 95% organic chicken and liver
·Is free from artificial additives
·Is high in protein

·The food contains carrageenan
·Is very expensive

9. Wellness core pate chicken, turkey, and chicken liver

This food is one of the best for cats on a diet of losing weight, it has 12 percent protein and less than 3 percent carbs.

·The food made from digestible high-quality ingredients
·The food is a lean source of protein
·Contains chelated minerals

10. ziwi peak grain-free canned cat food

Ziwi is one of the best-wet cat food available on the market and is best for your cat’s weight loss. The food is available in many flavors and features 93% meat, organs and New Zealand green mussels, making it low in carbohydrates but very rich in proteins.

The food is made from natural recipes that are 100% good for your cat’s health. The best part about this meal is that it is formulated for cats of all ages.


·The food is very rich in proteins but low in carbohydrates which is excellent for cats losing weight
·The food is made from premium completely natural ingredients
·The food is formulated for cats of all stages

·The food is pretty expensive to be bought as your cat’s staple diet
·The food doesn’t contain probiotics

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