Are Flea Traps The Best Solution For Eliminating Fleas In Your Household

Fleas treatment how to get rid of fleas with traps

In short, no! flea traps are the best way to verify if your house is infested with fleas. However, if you want to eliminate fleas from your home, there are other best solutions that are more effective than using the water and dish soap solutions which are only used to act as a glue that traps the fleas as they jump about.

If you are new to setting traps for fleas, a light and a water bowl are used to capture the fleas when they are jumping towards the light. Now, the use of washing up liquid is predominantly due to the high viscosity of the water and soap solution.

While these flea traps actually work, your efforts to eliminate fleas from your house or apartment won’t work well for you as you are only able to capture the flea eggs and flea pupae that eventually grows into an adult flea and lays eggs before the flea traps actually catch them. So, even if you should repeat this method with a fresh batch every day, chances are that you will never eliminate fleas from your apartment using flea traps.

Eliminating fleas from your apartment, there’s plenty of other flea home remedies known to work effectively if you should be able to conduct them at a balanced repeatitive rate.

What is the fastest way to get rid of fleas in an apartment?

To get rid of fleas from your apartment fast, Sprinkle salt,or borax on carpets and vacuum your entire apartment so your vacuum can scoop out the weak and fainted fleas that normally cling to the carpet or household fittings.

Using Borax And Soda To Get Rid Of Fleas

Borax and baking Soda have been used for centuries to Kill Fleas in households that have been infested with fleas. And if you are going to use Borax or Baking soda as your solution to eliminate fleas, you should know that they work by dehydrating and killing all the flea larvae and eggs, therefore preventing the outbreak of fleas from escalating into something you can not control.

How To Use Borax And Baking Soda To Eliminate Fleas From An Apartment?

  • Sprinkle Borax or Salt and baking soda throughout your carpeted area including the sleeping area of your pets, then leave it overnight to work on the dehydration of the flea larvae and eggs.
  • In the morning, vacuum thoroughly, while the larvea and fleas are weakened, making them easy for the vacuum to scoop them up together with the Borax and baking soda granules.
  • Always make sure that your vacuum bag used in the morning after treatment is tied in a plastic bag and properly disposed of in your appropriate waste bin outside your house immediately.
  • Keeping your apartment humidity lowered anywhere under 50 % of room temperature also helps to kill fleas when maintained for two straight days.

There are portable dehumidifiers available on Amazon for next day delivery which you can get for a reasonable price or rent one from a local tool rental shop near you!

Whether you are treating your home with Borax or baking soda and salt, making sure that you Vacuum daily is crucial to eliminating fleas from your apartment.

Fleas have also been known for not surviving humid places which are why putting your towels and clothes in a dryer for 30 minutes guarantees that all fleas and eggs are killed instantly.